Good Flow?

Period underwear

Extremely absorbent and only 1mm thicker than normal underwear.

Hilfe ich laufe aus - Starke Regelblutung stoppen!

Help I'm Leaking - Stop Heavy Menstrual Bleeding!

Are you menstruating so heavily that you constantly panic about leaking during your period? This article is for you! Here are some helpful tips on how to best deal with heavy bleeding.
Zwischenblutung trotz Pille? Das sind die Gründe!

Intermenstrual bleeding despite the pill? These are the reasons!

You take the pill and still have to deal with strange bleeding in between? It is most likely so-called spotting and we know more...
Tampons in Händen

Instructions: Inserting a tampon for the first time

It's your first period and you don't really dare to use tampons yet? No need to despair, we explain how to insert a tampon for beginners and welcome you to the period game!
Koagel Periode - Was es bedeutet, wenn dein Blut ins stocken gerät

Clot Period - What It Means When Your Blood Runs to Stagnation

Have you ever noticed small clots of blood in your Schlüppi while you're menstruating? Don't worry, that was a clot. Here you can now read everything about Koagel period.
Periode in allen Farben erklärt

Period explained in all colors

Brown blood, pink blood, even gray blood? Everything has been there before - And every color of your menstruation can be traced back to a cause. Read here for more than 50 shades of period blood an...
Hypomenorrhoe - Sehr schwache Periode

Hypomenorrhea - Very light period

Very very very very little blood when you have your period? Could just be your individual cycle, but could also be hypomenorrhea - you can read here what it is and where it can come from!
Tampon vergessen rauszuholen? Alles was du wissen musst!

Forgot to take out a tampon? Everything you need to know!

There's a lot going on, the hormones are going crazy or you've just had a stressful day when you realize - fuck, I forgot the tampon in me! Don't panic now and read it here, usually it's not that ...
Periode zu früh: Was es bedeuten kann

Period too early: what it can mean

Are your periods too early again? And isn't this the first time this has happened? Are you annoyed because you have your period almost every two weeks and can never plan properly? Read everything a...
Regelschmerzen Ade - Tipps für angenehmere Tage

Farewell to menstrual pain - tips for more pleasant days

Period pains can be annoying, but they don't have to interfere with your life. A few simple lifestyle changes can reduce pain and make you feel better. Try these tips and see what works best.