If it flows: discharge in early pregnancy

The first stage of pregnancy is characterized by worries and fears or at least insecurity. We want to take away one of these fears and explain to you what discharge in early pregnancy is all about!

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the hormones like to be upside down. Discharge in early pregnancy? It's not uncommon ... and if you start to feel like you have to change your panties more than once a day, then we can reassure you : B een there, done that. So what can help in addition to an additional set of panties? We'll tell you here.

1. Discharge in early pregnancy

Discharge is a completely natural thing that is even important for the natural protection of your vagina. Sour makes fun? Indeed. Or to put it another way: If your mumu is angry, then everything is fine. A pH between 3.8 and 4.4 – perfect! But what if the discharge smells in early pregnancy? Well, Huston, then we have a problem. Because as already mentioned, if the discharge is clear and odorless, then in 99% of the cases the whole thing can be traced back to your hormone balance. But if it starts to smell down there or the color changes from clear to yellow to brown discharge - then you should definitely make an appointment with a gyn you trust.
If the natural protection of your vagina is disrupted, you may become susceptible to bacteria and nasty pathogens. Vaginal thrush and other infections say hello. This often manifests itself with an unpleasant itching and odor. In some cases, the color of the discharge also changes.

2. Experiences

Pregnancy usually leaves no surprises. Of course there are few women who are on cloud nine for nine months. Congratulations - you've hit the jackpot. Hormonal fluctuations, physical changes, cheering to the skies - saddened to death. In one sentence... pretty well summed up.
A grateful support during this time? panty liners. Because even if one or the other change in the body takes some getting used to: Organic pads and panty liners are a really pleasant help.

3. To make your life easier

For those soon-to-be mums who want to be on the safe side: Our MammaBox is the perfect start for childbirth. Our organic pads are made of certified cotton, are breathable (without a polyester layer) and are therefore a real treat for the first few weeks. The best? The Female Company MammaBox was developed together with midwives! In addition, our MammaBox is a super cute (and above all practical) gift idea for all pregnant loved ones in your circle of friends and family. Maybe your sister or BFF just became a mom? Then grab it - of course you can also treat yourself to the good piece!

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