Good Flow?

Period underwear

Extremely absorbent and only 1mm thicker than normal underwear.

Free Bleeding leicht gemacht - 5 Tipps für Anfänger*innen

Free Bleeding leicht gemacht - 5 Tipps für Anfänger*innen

Free Bleeding ist die nachhaltigste aller Menstruations-Lösungen. Aber einfach laufen lassen? einfach ist es dann doch nicht. Aber vielleicht mal einen Versuch wert. Lies hier mehr.
Eine Hand hält eine Menstruationstasse

Swimming with a menstrual cup

Summer is here, time for the lake and the sea and the outdoor pool. You're menstruating, you prefer to use your cup and you're now asking yourself - Can something happen while swimming? We answer a...
How to (use): Softtampons – So einfach geht's

How to (use): Soft tampons

Soft tampons - the seductive little sponges that are often used for sports, visits to the sauna or a sexy time during menstruation. Read everything you need to know about them here.
SOS: Eisenmangel während der Periode!

SOS: Iron deficiency during the period!

Are you tired and listless during your period? It's quite normal. Or?! Alarm, alarm - This could also be an iron deficiency. It's actually quite likely that you're suffering from it.
Bloody hell, schon wieder schlecht geschlafen?!

Bloody hell, slept badly again?!

Sleepless nights because you're menstruating? If you thought that was a coincidence - it probably wasn't. Because insomnia and periods are related. Learn more here.
How to: Blutflecken rauskriegen

How to: get rid of blood stains

Heavy periods or not changing the tampon for too long and you already have annoying blood stains on your mattress, bed linen or panties. We now give you the absolute pro tips on what to do when it'...
Menstruationstasse geht nicht raus - Was tun?

Menstrual cup won't come out - what to do?

You're on your period, have a menstrual cup in it and it absolutely doesn't want to come out? That's when you can panic. But don't worry - keyword: negative pressure. We'll tell you how to solve it.
Wie spüre ich, dass ich meine Tage bekomme?

How do I know I'm getting my period?

PMS, abdominal cramps and cravings are new to you? Wondering how you feel about getting your period? We've got you! Read here everything you want to know now.
Periode beschleunigen - Tipps für den Turboflow

Accelerate your period - tips for turboflow

The next holiday is just around the corner, but there is still no sign of period blood for miles? Every one of us has probably experienced at least once that the period is a long time coming. One ...