Wie wirkt sich die Einnahme der Pille auf meinen Ausfluss aus?

How will taking the pill affect my discharge?

We all know it: some days your panties are wetter than others. discharge thank you! But where do the changes come from, on days with little discharge? That could be the reason ➜
Milchiger Ausfluss - Wie du die weiße Flüssigkeit aufhalten kannst

Milky Discharge - How to stop the white flow

If someone made a fool of you about discharge because discharge is "unclean" or "unhealthy," s/he is either unenlightened and*or stupid. Read on to be smarter.
Viel, wenig oder nichts: Zervixschleim vor Periode

Much, little or nothing: cervical mucus before period

When it comes to interpreting our cycle, it's easy to get lost at times. Milky discharge, clear discharge, a lot, little and sometimes nothing at all - phew! Time for us to share some info with you...
Wenn's läuft: Ausfluss in der Frühschwangerschaft

If it flows: discharge in early pregnancy

The first stage of pregnancy is characterized by worries and fears or at least insecurity. We want to take away one of these fears and explain to you what discharge in early pregnancy is all about!
Ausfluss vor Periode: Alles tutti oder Alarmsignal?

Discharge before period: all good or alarm signal?

Your period is still a few days away, but your panties are constantly wet and you have the feeling that you are leaking underneath? Pre-period discharge is not uncommon. Many women are affected. We...
Alternative zu Slipeinlagen

Alternative to panty liners?

Discharge can cause standing wetness and cold. 92% find this uncomfortable. We asked ourselves: Why aren't there panties that prevent this?
vaginal discharge

Bleached spots in your panties?

Let's talk about something that's perfectly normal but still a taboo subject in our society: vaginal discharge and how it can change the color of our panties.
Gelblich, weißer oder brauner Ausfluss: Das verrät die Farbe dir!

Yellowish, white or brown discharge: the color will tell you!

Discharge - We all know it, we all have it. But nobody talks about it?! It can give us important information about our vaginal health. Put an end to the taboo around vaginal discharge - find out he...