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Toilet paper is free.

Why not tampons and pads as well?

Make your workplace #periodpositive with tampon and pad dispensers.

81% of women report having started their period in public without access to period products. We want to change that!

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Thanks to tampon and pad dispensers.

1_Tamponspender-1 (1).jpg__PID:36a053ba-49ff-4168-be0f-c08114826708

Stainless steel dispensers for tampons and pads

Tampon and pad dispenser with two compartments for tampons and pads. Dimensions: 30 x 21 x 10 cm. Ready-to-install, including mounting materials for wall installation.

More sustainable period products

Made in Austria from certified organic cotton, free from chemicals, perfume, or pesticides. CO2-neutral tampon production. Tampons packaged in compostable film instead of plastic! OEKO-TEST 100.

Automated delivery system

Every quarter with a flexible quantity of tampons and pads. You don't have to worry about anything anymore.

Easy to use & to install

Place the dispenser in the restrooms of your company, school, or university.


Tampon Dispenser

Our dispenser has an opening for organic tampons and one for organic pads. Accordingly, you will need one tampon dispenser per company toilet for menstruating employees. We will help you with the calculation for regular deliveries! Simply fill out the form – we will get back to you with a specific offer. Based on our Period Pledge Partner, we can say: for regular deliveries without one-time costs for the dispenser, you can expect to spend 4 to 7 euros per menstruating employee per year.

Yes, you will receive an invoice with VAT shown.

You will generally receive reorders within a maximum of 5 business days. Our tampon dispensers take 2-3 days to get to you.

We offer various options for large clients to engage their employees communicatively. For example: sending test packages to a select group of employees. Pilot rollout at one location. We apologize that we only offer these options starting from certain company sizes.

In the first three months, we determine the consumption and are happy to adjust the offer accordingly. Generally, we deliver the requested menstrual products within 5 business days after ordering. Therefore, no toilet should remain empty for too long.

With The Female Company, we have specialized in the area of education and reach over 2 million people monthly. Because we want to break the taboo together with you, we offer various communication packages consisting of posters, stickers, and informational materials, as well as discounts for employees. Under the motto 'Making toilets great again,' we ensure that all employees learn about the reason for free hygiene products and their production and background.

Our tampon dispensers are non-flammable. They are made from durable stainless steel. Stainless steel is not combustible, contains no flammable substances, and is therefore classified in fire protection class A1.

The dispensers generally last for many years, but we recommend installing them in shadier areas under 25°C to prevent changes in color and shape. Generally, our tampon dispensers are suitable for all universities, schools, institutes, and companies.

Our dispensers are available in any color. We are happy to discuss a co-branding solution for certain minimum order quantities.


- Certified organic cotton without chemicals & pesticides

- Plastic-free: individually wrapped in compostable materials

- CO2 neutrally produced

- OEKO-TEST 100 & GOTS certified


- Certified organic cotton without chemicals & pesticides

- with wings

The tampon and pad dispenser is ideally suited for all facilities, companies, schools, universities, and institutes that want to provide free menstrual products. They can easily purchase our sustainable period products and the tampon & pad dispenser through us - for which we are happy to create a custom offer.

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