Milky Discharge - How to stop the white flow

If someone made a fool of you about discharge because discharge is "unclean" or "unhealthy," s/he is either unenlightened and*or stupid. Read on to be smarter.

Taboo topic discharge: Is there a white spot in your underpants? That's nothing to worry about, just further proof of your vagina superpower .
This is the so-called white flow, also known as discharge.


Vaginal discharge is not uncommon and nothing to be ashamed of !

Your discharge is sometimes more sometimes less ? It has something to do with your cycle!

Annoyed by discharge in everyday life? We have something for you!

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Table of contents

1. What is the so-called white flow?

The vagina is constantly busy keeping its environment clean and healthy . The White River acts as a kind of bouncer who kicks out all unwanted intruders. The tissue fluid is transported from the lower tissue layers of the vagina to the surface and this in turn ensures that everything underneath is always nice and moist .
This allows dead cells to be easily flushed out. So everything stays naturally super fresh.
It also protects against bacteria getting in . White flow begins about a year or two before the first period. Your sexual organs wake up from their slumber and become active. But don't worry, you still have plenty of time to prepare for your first period.

2. How does the discharge change over the course of the cycle?

Once you get your first period, the discharge will remain. However, some days you have more and other days less discharge. This has to do with the course of the cycle. Hormone levels change just before and during ovulation . This lets the ovaries know it's time to send an egg cell on its way.
During this time, wet panties are inevitable due to the increased white flow. Because the watery, protein-like discharge plays a decisive role in terms of fertility.
When sperm are on their way to the newly released egg, this allows them to survive long enough in the uterus. After ovulation, the discharge becomes a bit thicker and stickier. Your discharge can also tell you a lot about the course of your cycle. Who would have thought?!

3. Discharge with hormonal changes

Have you recently switched from a hormonal birth control method to a non-hormonal birth control method? Then it is quite normal that your body has to regulate itself again as a result of this hormonal change.
During this time there may be increased discharge. Sometimes even so strong that your panties can't stop it.

4. Stop discharge with panty liners

As you can see, whitening is completely normal and doesn't have to make you uncomfortable. Rather, it is a sign that we are completely healthy. However, if the discharge has a greenish discoloration or is associated with burning and itching, you should rather have it examined by a doctor.
If you still feel uncomfortable with a very heavy discharge , panty liners can help , but they are by no means a must. On normal days, the panties are completely sufficient as protection, because that's what they're there for, among other things. However, you should refrain from too much intimate hygiene with shower gel and the like, because they can really mess up your vaginal flora. The discharge serves as a natural cleansing. To help, you can wash the intimate area with clear water or an intimate wash lotion (with the same pH value as the vaginal flora).
We think that discharge shouldn't be a taboo subject any more than periods. In society, there is simply not enough talk about the topic, or not at all, so let's do it now!
So, be proud of your discharge.

5. Heavy discharge requires strong underwear

Did you know that your discharge can bleach your underwear? Read more here .

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