Durchfall & Periode: Gründe und was du tun kannst

Diarrhea & periods: reasons and what you can do

Period and you're tied to the toilet because not only the blood runs .. Ever experienced this? The combination of periods and diarrhea is shitty, but it's not a coincidence. Read everything you need to know about it here.

All right, diarrhea isn't exactly our favorite topic right now (quite the opposite of periods), but someone has to talk about it here - and we're only too happy to do that, after all we don't know any taboos. That's why we're making it clear for everyone who also observes a changed bowel movement behavior during their menstruation: Yep, your feelings aren't deceiving you. Diarrhea and periods are related. True to the motto: If it flows, then it flows.


Diarrhea and periods are related.

Progesterone and prostaglandins cause diarrhea.

If the diarrhea during your period isn't that bad (but still annoying), you can also try a high-fiber diet .

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Table of contents

1. What the shit?

You might just be like, "What a shit. Why is your digestion shitting right now?” – or you drop bad puns for a moment (okay, they're actually quite funny) and realize that the whole thing is actually only caused by natural causes. Because we become regulars at the toilet party mainly thanks to two hormones: progesterone and prostaglandins. What is behind the complicated terms?

2. Progesterone & Prostaglandins

Prostaglandins help the uterus to remove the excess mucous membrane during menstruation. To do this, they send signals to press and push off. And well, because everything is somehow very close together down there, this message often gets through to the intestines.

Exactly the same thing happens with the progesterone . However, this has the opposite effect: it ensures that everything becomes a little firmer and that a potential embryo can implant well. That is why it is produced in the period before menstruation (which is why constipation can sometimes occur).

When the bleeding starts , the progesterone level drops and the tension in the uterus - and also in the intestinal tract - relaxes and releases all the dams.

3. What can be done about it?

So the reason why diarrhea during periods occurs in many women is completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

But let's face it: the practical consequences still suck (literally!) . So you're probably wondering what you can do about it.

If you are spending more time in the bathroom than you are with your best friend, or if the pain is unbearable, please consult your doctor.

If the diarrhea during your period is not that bad (but still annoying) , you can also try a high-fiber diet. For example with oatmeal, grated apple and bananas. Sounds like the perfect period porridge.

What also always helps: Make yourself comfortable, put a hot-water bottle on your stomach if you have cramps and bin-watch your favorite series (you can even use the toilet with a laptop 😉).

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