Periode in allen Farben erklärt

Period explained in all colors

Brown blood, pink blood, even gray blood? Everything has been there before - And every color of your menstruation can be traced back to a cause. Read here for more than 50 shades of period blood and whether everything is fine with your period.

Brown blood on period? Where is that? After all, we've been drummed into it since Snow White that red is the color of blood . But sometimes fairy tales are just fairy tales. Because the color of the menstrual blood can also look different.

For example brown. Or light red to pink. But that doesn't mean that something isn't right (at least it doesn't have to be).

We explain the different shades to you in more detail...


Period can have the most different colors.

Don't worry if you're not bleeding "classic red"!

If your period looks completely different than usual, off to the gyn - a check-up can never hurt.

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Table of contents

1. Dark Red, Brown or Black

If you observe dark red to black or brown blood during your period, this usually has a completely harmless reason:

Your menstruation simply allows itself a little more time. As the blood moves more slowly, it oxidizes (reacts with oxygen) and becomes darker.

You can see the same effect if you cut yourself or have a nosebleed. This often happens at the beginning or end of your menstrual period, or when there is a light flow. Because you should never leave tampons in for longer than 6 (preferably 4) hours , we recommend our mini-sized organic tampons .

If you have permanent brown blood during your period or also unusual pain or cramps, then it is better to talk to your gyn to identify possible problems at an early stage.

2. Bright red blood

So if a brown or darker color means that the blood is excreted more slowly, does that mean for light red to pink blood...?

Correct: The period is full throttle .

Menstruation usually gets heavier on the second or third day of the cycle, the blood flows faster and therefore has less time to change color, so it stays light.

By the way, this also means that you have to change your tampon more often or need a larger size.

3. Pink blood

Pink blood on your period means your estrogen levels are low - and:

Estrogen is the hormone that causes the uterus to prepare for a possible pregnancy , which is normal.

That doesn't mean you're pregnant. Triggers can be, for example, poor nutrition or too much stress.

So it's better to head for the fruit department instead of the chip shelf for the next Netflix & Chill evening

4. Greyish blood

To be honest: Greyish blood during periods is not good !

This can be an indication of an infection or an STD .

Please stop by the gyn quickly and have yourself checked out.

5. Color changes?

Did you know : Discharge is also responsible for the light spots in your underwear. You can find out what this is all about here .

As you can see, brown blood is just as normal as pink blood (and of course all the shades in between).

As long as you do n't notice any unusual changes or pain, everything is fine.

It is also important to know that it is quite normal for the color of your period blood to change during menstruation. We hope we could help you with our period colors 1×1. But what is important to us, regardless of color and consistency, erm our vulva:

Please make sure to use organic cotton for your period products, whether tampons , panty liners or our beloved panties !

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