Sex ohne Kondom - Yay or Nay?

Sex without a condom - Yay or Nay?

Does sex without a condom feel much better? Maybe baby, but not the unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease or yeast infection afterwards. You can read here why condoms protect against mor...
Realtalk: Kann ein Tampon Jungfernhäutchen einreißen?

Realtalk: Can a tampon tear the hymen?

A myth that persists is that you can't use tampons until you've had penetrative sex - the hymen gets in the way! Humbug! Read here why the so-called hymen can say absolutely nothing about your sexu...
Kein Bock mehr auf die Pille?! Alternative Verhütung 2.0

Tired of the pill?! Alternative contraception 2.0

Contraception is only safe with the pill? Nonsense - The pill is still considered the safest contraceptive, but many people stop taking it because of the side effects. Here you can find out everyth...
Schwanger trotz Periode - Geht das wirklich?

Pregnant despite period - is that really possible?

It's actually possible to be pregnant even though you're on your period - don't you think? Then read everything here on the subject and why you hold a positive pregnancy test in your hands despite ...
Blasenentzündung und Periode - Stop the burn

Cystitis and Period - Stop the burn

You have your period AND a bladder infection? Our condolences! In this article you will find out why the two act as a team and what you can do now...
How to: Masturbieren für Klitoris Besitzer*innen

How to: Masturbate for clitoris owners

Ever come clitoral? Clitoral orgasms are the surest route to a woman's heart.. fun! But knowing how to do it can't hurt any of us. Read everything here.
How to: Scheidenflora aufbauen

How to: Build up vaginal flora

Healthy vaginal flora with yogurt tampons? We will explain to you what this myth is all about and what really helps you and your health "down there".
Realtalk: Furunkel im Intimbereich

Real talk: furuncles in the intimate area

vulvar acne? Just don't lose your nerve and push around wildly, you'll only make it worse. Read here exactly how to get rid of those stupid boils in the intimate area and how to prevent them next t...
Große innere Schamlippen? Völlig normal!

Big inner labia? Completely normal!

Labia are not just labia. There are inner and outer ones, particularly large ones or small ones - and above all no "normal" ones. In this article you will learn everything about your most beautifu...