Hypomenorrhoe - Sehr schwache Periode

Hypomenorrhea - Very light period

Very very very very little blood when you have your period? Could just be your individual cycle, but could also be hypomenorrhea - you can read here what it is and where it can come from!

Mini tampons are part of your standard repertoire? And even they seem incredibly big to you?

Then you seem to have a weak menstrual period. Can you congratulate? Or are unexpected challenges lurking behind a light period?

But first, a few reasons for hypomenorrhea.

Attention: A weak menstrual period does not automatically mean that you actually have hypomenorrhea. But that's what I mean when I write about very or extremely weak periods in the following. And by that I mean really very weak. So really, really, really weak.


There is hypomenorrhea and there are simply weak menstruators.

Neither one nor the other is "bad".

There are a few causes of a very light period.

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Table of contents

1. Causes of a very light period

During the entire period of a period , on average, a menstruating person loses 65 ml of blood . The period lasts about four days.

One speaks of hypomenorrhea when only around 25 ml of blood is lost during menstruation.

The bleeding then usually lasts only two days and is equivalent to bleeding between periods. In rare cases, the period can last as little as a few hours.

The causes of a very light period :

  • Hormones (that was clear...) In this case it is progestins that have a negative effect on the structure of the uterine lining. If no mucous membrane is built up, it logically cannot be rejected either. Long-term use of progestins (e.g. found in the morning-after pill) can lead to a light period.
  • Ovarian insufficiency - Ovarian insufficiency is often due to improper nutrition. And of course, as always, stress can also be a major factor affecting our hormones.
  • Non-hormonal causes are, for example, inflammation or repeated scrapings of the uterus.

Ok, somehow this all sounds like an answer that you wouldn't want to find when searching for a self-diagnosis on the internet. Weak menstruation? – Sorry, that's it then with your uterus. Of course it's not like that at all! But not as easy as you would imagine a light period to be.

2. Light period - easy life?

Present - some women would probably be happy about a light menstrual period .

But is life with a light period really that easy? Short answer: nope .

Unfortunately it's not that simple after all. Unfortunately, even an extremely weak period is often a sign that something in our body is not in balance.

3. Tampons for light periods?

And even in everyday dealings with periods, unexpected challenges arise when the period is very light: the tampon when the period is weak.

Even more precise: the mini tampon, because anything that goes beyond the mini tampon is out of the question. And even he doesn't really want to go in...and he can't get out again either.

The best tampon alternative for light periods? We clearly recommend organic panty liners or organic pads (certified organic quality is available here). Or even more comfortable, our discharge underwear , which is designed for everyday discharge - but works just as well for spotting.

4. Light period - farewell to fertility?!

It gets a little trickier when it comes to fertility . The uterine lining is like the nest. And without a nest – no implantation.

But the same applies here: As long as you are ovulating, you can get pregnant.

Hypomenorrhea does not automatically mean infertility.

Finally, as always, it remains to be said: Talking to a doctor also helps in this case. An examination can determine whether you are ovulating and whether your nest actually has too little mucus for a baby. In this case, there are hormonal methods through which your mucous membrane can be built up.

Until then, I wish you easy days with flowing tampons!

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