Menstruationstasse geht nicht raus - Was tun?

Menstrual cup won't come out - what to do?

You're on your period, have a menstrual cup in it and it absolutely doesn't want to come out? That's when you can panic. But don't worry - keyword: negative pressure. We'll tell you how to solve it.
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First of all, keep calm and breathe deeply. If the menstrual cup is stuck, always remember: if you can put the menstrual cup in, you can also get it out again ! Even if you only think at first: "HELP PLEASE!".

It's best not to panic, as this will only tighten the vagina more. Even if it feels like it, the menstrual cup cannot get lost in the unimaginable expanses of your vagina. So hands on! We explain how you can get the menstrual cup out again.


Rule number 1 - keep calm, your menstrual cup cannot be lost.

There are a few things you can do to help if your cup has slipped particularly low .

In the worst case - going to the gyn will certainly help you!

Table of contents

1. Keep it clean!

Before you get down to business, don't forget to wash your hands . As with inserting the menstrual cup, you keep germs away.

2. Find a relaxed pose!

There are different positions for removing the menstrual cup.

Important - Find the position that suits you and that you are comfortable with. Depending on how heavy your period is, you can wear the cup for up to 6 hours . This means that you can do without annoying emptying on the go and do it all in a relaxed manner in your safe space.

It's a good idea to pull out the menstrual cup while you're on the toilet . Then the vagina is open and your legs are relaxed. Other positions include standing, squatting, or with one leg raised.

Do you have the feeling that your cup is almost overflowing? No problem.

(Beginners) tip: You can easily carry out the first test runs in the shower or bath. Better safe than sorry.

3. ByeBye vacuum

The trick why the menstrual cup stays in the vagina so well is because the circular opening creates a negative pressure there. Everything is non-slip and does not wobble! This is great for comfort, but if you want to remove the menstrual cup, the vacuum must first be released .

First you can gently jerk the handle. This causes the menstrual cup to slide forward. But please don't pull hard, it will cause pain. If you can't get hold of the handle, your pelvic floor muscles will be used. Press firmly, this will cause the cup to slide down.

Then press the menstrual cup lightly on one side with your index finger, or index finger and thumb .

Tadaaa, the vacuum is released! Now you can grab the cup at the bottom (the stem serves as a guide) and slowly pull it out.

You go girl! You can pull out the menstrual cup more easily by folding it. Or you move the back edge forward, then the bottom end of the cup slides out by itself.

Now that all sounds pretty easy peasy. But it is quite normal when you first need some practice. Because hey, practice is known to make perfect.

Important tip: If you wear the menstrual cup overnight, it can slide up a little. It helps to wait 30 minutes after getting up. Then gravity does the rest and the problem is solved.

4. What you should consider when buying

Whether you can easily insert and remove the menstrual cup also depends on the right model. As so often, size matters here. A distinction is usually made according to height and whether you have already had a birth or not.

Our mug finder will help you find the right size for you.

Are you still missing a cup in the cupboard? Come on then... This way .

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