How to: Blutflecken rauskriegen

How to: get rid of blood stains

Heavy periods or not changing the tampon for too long and you already have annoying blood stains on your mattress, bed linen or panties. We now give you the absolute pro tips on what to do when it's already too late and how to prevent blood stains.
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Oops it happened again? Honestly, the mishap with the blood stains has probably happened to every menstruating woman at least once. Even we, as tampon specialists, were not safe from this – below we will tell you how we protect ourselves from “leaking”. But now SOS emergency help is the order of the day. After all, you want to know how to get those nasty blood stains out.


expired? No shame in the f****** Vulva Game!

Wrong tampon sizes can cause something to leak.

With period panties , you no longer have to worry about annoying blood stains on white underwear!

Table of contents

1. Into the cold water

Maybe your period surprised you, maybe you misjudged your tampon size .

No matter what, bloodstains in your underwear are super annoying and usually happen when you wear white panties (who knows?).

But don't worry, you don't have to spend all your money on new lingerie because of this, just follow these steps to remove the blood stains:

  1. Soak in cold water
    Cold water is very important because the red component of the blood, the hemoglobin, then remains trapped. It dissolves in warm water, connects to the textile and you can say goodbye to your white panties.
  2. Curd soap or baking powder/ baking soda (for light-colored fabrics)
    With curd soap: Rub the blood stain thoroughly, wait a moment and then rinse with cold water. With baking powder: Depending on the size of the blood stain, sprinkle one to three teaspoons on it, leave to work and rinse with cold water.
  3. Off to the washing machine
    Warm water is only allowed after the pre-treatment (steps 1 & 2). Wash your part as described on the note, at 30 or 60 degrees depending on the material.

Tadaaa. If everything went smoothly, your panties will now be spotless again. You can also use the same process to remove blood stains from sheets, pants, and jeans . Sometimes, however, Aunt Rosa goes on completely different (night-time) outings and soaking turns out to be a bit more difficult. Yes, we're talking bloodstains in the mattress.

2. Get the mattress clean

We'll admit it: blood stains on the mattress are a real pain, but it happens to the best. So don't fret for long and get to the red mess. Because the longer the blood dries, the harder it is to remove .

It is best to place a damp cloth with cold (!) water on the area and let it take effect. Maybe with a little dabbing a lot will go away.

If not: resort to baking soda or salt, mix it with a little water and cover the stain with it.

After about 45 minutes you can go over it with a kitchen roll and dab everything again with cold water if necessary.

Warning: Baking soda or salt can attack the material and color of the mattress. It is best to do a quick test on an inconspicuous area first.

3. Never leak again!

As promised, here are our ultimate tips to prevent the bloodstain debacle in the first place.

  1. Get to know your period
    While not for all women, but for many, periods are a reliable friend. Usually (hihi) the bleeding starts every 28 days. It is best to keep a book or enter in your smartphone calendar the intervals at which Aunt Rosa will visit you. Then you can prepare yourself, your panties and your mattress by wearing an organic tampon or a panty liner .

  2. Timely replenishment of tampons
    The biggest problem is often that the tampons are empty when you need them most. So that your supply is always replenished, we offer you organic tampons by subscription. Your replenishment will then automatically come to you in your mailbox.

  3. Find the right size
    Blood stains in your pants often happen because you use the wrong size tampon. Here you can find out what suits you best. And because the bleeding is sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker, one box contains up to three different sizes - adapted to your individual needs. It is also important to change the tampon every 4 – 6 hours at the latest (more often on some days).

  4. menstrual underwear

    If you just want to let it go because you don't feel like being dependent on tampons, don't feel like inserting anything, have a very heavy and (for tampons) unpredictable period, or or or..
    Switch to period panties ! They are the absolute game changer when it comes to reliable blood sucking . Safe, comfortable and good looking too. What more does a woman want?!

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