How to: Scheidenflora aufbauen

How to: Build up vaginal flora

Healthy vaginal flora with yogurt tampons? We will explain to you what this myth is all about and what really helps you and your health "down there".

It is a common belief that yogurt helps build and naturally support the vaginal flora in the vagina . But is that really true?

A yogurt tampon is said to help rehydrate a dry vagina and can even cure vaginal thrush . What is it really about the yoghurt tampos?
Here you can find out what is behind the myth of yoghurt tampons and how the vaginal flora can be built up .


The bacteria that protect the vagina from fungi and infections are called the vaginal flora.

The pH of the vagina is between 3.8 and 4.5

Better not to exaggerate hygiene and wash with soap - this could throw the vaginal flora out of balance .

Table of contents

1. Beneficial lactic acid bacteria

The bacteria that protect the vagina from fungi and infections are called the vaginal flora. In the vaginal flora there are different types of so-called Döderlein bacteria or lactobacteria. In addition to the bacteria, the pH value also plays a decisive role.

The pH value of the vagina is between 3.8 and 4.5 - the vaginal environment is therefore acidic with this low value. If the vaginal flora is disturbed, e.g. B. with aggressive shower gels, vaginal douches or intimate sprays, the vaginal flora can no longer protect against germs. This leads to a decrease in the so important lactic acid bacteria , which then also results in an increase in the pH value.

So that the natural vaginal flora is not disturbed, you should consider the following things: Better not to be excessively hygienic and wash with soap. This could throw the vaginal flora out of balance.
Instead, wash the vagina with lukewarm water , which is sufficient to clean the vagina and thus protect you from infections. Taking antibiotics, for example after a bladder infection, can also weaken the vaginal flora, as can stress and the hormones in the birth control pill .

2. Yoghurt tampons for the vaginal flora

As mentioned above, the vaginal flora consists of lactic acid bacteria, so the idea of ​​the yoghurt tampon is not so far-fetched. Yoghurt also contains lactic acid bacteria and, in addition to its actual purpose as food, is also misused by many, for example as a face mask. So why not also as a yoghurt tampon?

Unfortunately, not all lactic acid bacteria are created equal.
The lactobacilli in a yogurt tampon and those in the vagina are not the same. The lactic acid bacteria found in yoghurt are Lactobacillus delbrueckii, Lactobacillus acidophilius and Streptococcus thermophilius and someone else says the children's names of celebrities are difficult to pronounce.
These yoghurt bacteria are absolutely not suitable for the sensitive vaginal flora. No, no, no, no .
A yoghurt tampon therefore does nothing to build up the vaginal flora, quite the contrary, it could lead to problems. The rod-shaped bacteria contained in the yoghurt are also more likely to promote a fungal infection than to build up the vaginal flora. It is the same with yeasts that could be contained in the yoghurt tampon.
So we can state: Inserting food, in this case yoghurt tampons, into the vagina is a stupid idea.
In general and always better: Instead of smearing yoghurt on your tampon, look out for organic cotton.

3. Food for a healthy vaginal flora

Yoghurt (but different than you think)
Yogurt can help. However, not as a yoghurt tampon but to eat. Yoghurt and other probiotic foods such as onions, garlic and leeks can stabilize the pH value of the vagina.

The vitamin E contained in the avocado can relieve vaginal dryness, and the avocado can even help with menstrual pain. With the unsaturated fatty acids it contains, it also helps cell renewal in the vagina.

From time to time tofu or soy milk can not only regulate the estrogen level in women going through the menopause. The estrogen it contains can also help young women to protect their vagina from dryness.

Ever since we were little we have been told that we should drink a lot. Some find it easier than others. Now there's another reason to stay hydrated, as water helps keep the vagina moist and protect it from dryness.

Did you know : Discharge is also responsible for the light spots in your underwear. You can find out what this is all about here .

What is the vaginal flora?

The vaginal flora, also called the vaginal microbiota, refers to the community of microorganisms that are naturally present in the vagina. It is a complex and dynamic mix of different types of bacteria living together in a healthy balance.

Why is a healthy vaginal flora important?

The vaginal flora performs important functions to maintain vaginal health. It forms a protective barrier against potentially harmful microorganisms that could cause infections. By producing lactic acid and other substances, the vaginal flora maintains an acidic pH, which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and creates a healthy environment.

How do I ensure a healthy vaginal flora?

Good vaginal health can be promoted by proper intimate hygiene, not using excessive detergents, using condoms, and avoiding irritating substances.

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