Periode zu früh: Was es bedeuten kann

Period too early: what it can mean

Are your periods too early again? And isn't this the first time this has happened? Are you annoyed because you have your period almost every two weeks and can never plan properly? Read everything about early periods here!

Your suitcase is packed and you're finally off on your long-awaited vacation.

Summer, sun, beach and sea. Splendid! Absolutely NOTHING can spoil your good mood right now ... if it weren't for your period - too early . It really can't be. After all, your period is only due in a week.

A premature menstrual period can be an unpleasant surprise, but it doesn’t have to mean anything bad.

We'll tell you what's often behind it .


Getting your period a little early is not uncommon.

There are a few reasons that could be behind this.

Nevertheless, you should watch your cycle if it shows no regularity at all.

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Table of contents

1. Why is my period a week early?

Sure, getting your period really isn't the end of the world. In fact, it's actually a pretty cool thing because you can make sure it's all tutti going down there. However, if you have other plans and the menstruation announces itself without warning, it can be really annoying.

Unpleasant surprise or not - somewhere you do worry. Everything is right? Am I maybe even pregnant?
Usually *hihi* an early period is triggered by a change in your hormone levels. This can be caused by a lot of stress, too little sleep or significant changes in your everyday life . Doesn't all sound so wild. It is.

If you still have concerns or if your periods are generally very irregular, then a visit to your doctor is not a bad idea. Just to get everything checked out.

2. Much too early: period every 2 weeks

Your period isn't just a few days or a week early - you have visitors every two weeks ? FU** ... it's really uncool in the long run.

An appointment with the gyn is definitely a must here. Nevertheless, we might be able to spare you a little thought carousel.

If your “period” comes every two weeks, in many cases it is not THE menstruation at all, but spotting .

This is quite common in many women before ovulation and is not really a cause for alarm. Since it is mostly spotting or brown-red discharge, you are well prepared with our discharge panties .
Nevertheless, you should play it safe and ask your doctor for advice.

A weak corpus luteum can also be the cause of the premature period. Although this can be treated in an uncomplicated manner, it is an important issue, especially when you want to have children.

3. What are the causes?

Too much stress can not only prevent your period, but also make it unexpected. Both are so-so. After all, we would prefer a precision landing in this matter for the sake of our conscience.

The main cause of an early period is (as already mentioned) a change in your hormonal balance.

Often one's own hormone level is influenced quite subconsciously - namely by:

  • The pill : Hormonal contraceptives can actually trigger an early period. This is mainly due to the fact that the cycle is kept alive artificially. If you stop taking the pill or take a break, menstruation can start prematurely.
  • Stress : Your body senses when you're worried or stressed and releases certain hormones that can affect your period.
  • Weight Fluctuations : Sudden (crass!) gain or loss of weight can make your period late or early.
  • Not enough sleep : It's not for nothing that the saying "sleep is important". If your body doesn't get enough of it, it lacks strength and energy. This, in turn, can lead to an early onset of your period.
  • Menopause : In certain phases of life, your body is exposed to particularly strong hormonal fluctuations. This can often affect your period as well.

4. Early Period - Pregnancy?

... can be, but doesn't have to be.
In fact, an early period can be a sign of pregnancy . However, nothing is certain!

In addition, this is not a classic menstruation, but the so-called implantation bleeding. If you think that might be the case for you - off to the gyn!

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Did you know : Wet panties before your period are not uncommon! Many women are affected. You can find out what is normal and when you have to go to the gynhere .

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