Hilfe ich laufe aus - Starke Regelblutung stoppen!

Help I'm Leaking - Stop Heavy Menstrual Bleeding!

Are you menstruating so heavily that you constantly panic about leaking during your period? This article is for you! Here are some helpful tips on how to best deal with heavy bleeding.
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Sure, we love our periods!!! After all, menstruation is a sign that everything is going well down there (in the truest sense of the word).

But sometimes it just doesn't suit us.

Or: It just won't stop running... Due to hormonal fluctuations, menstrual bleeding can sometimes be more or less heavy. Still, the “ help-I-run-out ” feeling is pretty annoying. Learn how to stop heavy menstrual bleeding with our ultimate SOS tips.


Heavy periods are completely normal.

A slight fluctuation from cycle to cycle is also completely natural.

If your periods are longer than average and painful, discuss this with your gyn - there may be something she can help with.

Our underwear for heavy days?

Try our extra strong period panties, which replace up to 6 tampons .

Table of contents

1. Stop heavy menstrual bleeding with homeopathy

Did you know that heavy menstrual bleeding can be a sign of endometriosis? So if you regularly suffer from excessive menstrual or lower abdominal pain, play it safe and have your doctor check you up.

The pill, ibuprofen, sports and, and, and ... in countless years of menstrual experience, you have already learned how to stop your period. But what about homeopathy? Is it all just hocus-pocus or can a heavy menstrual period also be minimized with it?
Homeopathic medicines are mainly used for menstrual disorders and symptoms. Many of the preparations have a gently regulating and hormone-free effect on the female hormone balance.
These are the classics :

  • Belladonna for bright red bleeding, severe cramping pain and flushing
  • China (Cinchona succirubra) with dark red, heavy bleeding that starts prematurely
  • Witch hazel helps with irregular, but long-lasting, dark bleeding
  • Millefolium for heavy, bright red, long-lasting bleeding

2. Home remedies

  • Sports

Again and again one hears or reads that sport should help with heavy menstrual bleeding. You have to find out for yourself if it's actually your thing. If you prefer not to move too much during your period when you are in phase-out mode, you can simply try out a few other home remedies.

  • yarrow

Yarrow, for example, is said to constrict blood vessels. However, you should definitely get advice on the dosage, because pure nature can also have side effects.

  • Ferrous food

Diet also plays an important part in stopping heavy menstrual bleeding. In the hot phase, foods that contain a lot of iron and potassium should be on your menu. These can be lentils, raisins or bananas, for example.

Extra tip: A cold compress on your abdomen can help reduce inflammation and stop bleeding.

3. Menorrhagia? Off to the doctor!

Not only should you see a doctor immediately if you suspect endometriosis , you should also have heavy menstrual bleeding checked for “no reason”.

Because there is actually a disease here that can be the trigger for your symptoms: menorrhagia .

The symptoms of menorrhagia can manifest themselves in different ways:

  • Bleeding that lasts longer than a week.
  • Blood clots and lumps in panties.
  • Pad or tampon MUST be changed every hour or two.
  • Even at night you really run out ...
  • First signs of anemia, such as paleness and weakness.

4. Stop bleeding, or rather not?

The period is one of those things that just goes with it . If it doesn't start on time (and no pregnancy is planned) we tend to panic. So menstruation also has something good .

Of course, pain is not exactly the yellow of the egg and yes, the feeling of constantly leaking is a real turnoff. But whatever?!

If you have a heavy menstrual period , our extremely strong panties can give you a secure feeling. Whether at night, during a working day or during sports! Our extra strong panties absorb as much as about 6 tampons and ensure that you stay dry for a long time.

Not a fan of period panties? Switch to organic pads or use an organic panty liner in addition to the tampon. We carry different sizes and have pads for day and night with different levels of absorbency.
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We promise to make your periods, heavy or light , your super days with our organic tampons, organic pads and menstrual cups!

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