Tampons in Händen

Instructions: Inserting a tampon for the first time

It's your first period and you don't really dare to use tampons yet? No need to despair, we explain how to insert a tampon for beginners and welcome you to the period game!

You know what used to scare me a little bit? tampons! Right, those little things you're introducing down there. It sounded kind of scary and I was really hesitant to try it.

But hey, it's not as "bad" as it sounds. On the contrary, tampons can really make life easier during your period.

So let's chat about it and share some tips to get started with tampons.


Using tampons for the first time can feel bumpy - practice makes perfect.

Tampon sizes are critical when it comes to comfort.

You can also decide that tampons are not for you - the same applies to menstruation - you do you.

Already tried? Our underwear for menstruation.

For everyone who likes it cozy or just can't get used to tampons, there are period panties as a sustainable alternative to panty liners, pads and tampons .

Table of contents

1. Your tampon won't go in, no resistance!

Inserting a tampon doesn't work? First of all, calm down !

It is important that you are calm and relaxed. This really isn't rocket science. If you follow our steps, using a tampon will be child's play. You will quickly notice that wearing organic tampons has all sorts of advantages. Especially in summer! You can go swimming with it without any problems. So it's worth trying out !
It is best to start with a small tampon size first. Insertion is then easier! Note, however, that a mini tampon only has a low absorbency. What means to you? That you have to replace it sooner than a larger tampon.

2. How does it work - An introduction

First of all, of course, you need a suitable tampon . We recommend the smallest possible tampon with a low absorbency. For example our organic mini tampons .

This makes it easier in the beginning.

First , remove the (compostable) foil from the tampon. Instructions on how best to open the foil can usually be found on the tampon.

After removing , unfold the withdrawal cord completely.

Now make yourself comfortable on your toilet seat. Comfortable !!!

As I said, a relaxed posture is important for your pelvic floor muscles to relax .

This works best if you breathe in and out slowly and try to relax every muscle in your body – relax! This will make inserting your tampon a lot easier. Of course, you can also insert the tampon while standing. Some also raise a leg. So while standing, for example one leg on the edge of the bathtub. Just try out a few positions .
You will quickly find out which position is best for you to successfully insert your tampon.

Now hold the tampon between your thumb and middle finger .
Place your index finger at the end of the tampon (where the string is attached). Now bring the tampon to your vagina.
You can also push the labia aside with your thumb and middle finger and then control the tampon with your index finger.
Try out which direction it is easiest to slide in. If you feel resistance, try to focus on relaxing again. Breathe! Or change positions. Insertion should never hurt .

3. How far does the tampon have to go in?

Guide the tampon diagonally in the direction of the middle of the body until the index finger is completely covered. Only then does it sit deep enough and can guarantee perfect wearing comfort. Otherwise, you'll feel it as soon as you move.
And it's important that you don't feel restricted in any way during your period - so insert the tampon deep enough! If you feel resistance, gently change direction.

Tip: Inserting the tampon is particularly easy on the first days of your period. The bleeding is the heaviest at the beginning and the tampon can slide better.
And again, short and sweet:

4. Short how to: Insert tampon

  1. Wash your hands!
  2. Choose the smallest size tampon possible for your blood flow
  3. remove foil
  4. Unfold the return strap
  5. Find a comfortable and relaxed position
  6. Hold the tampon between your thumb, middle and index finger
  7. Open the labia with your thumb and middle finger
  8. Control the tampon with your index finger and move it in the direction of the middle of the body until the index finger is covered
  9. Enjoy the freedom and the healthy feeling of our organic tampons!
  10. Change tampons regularly, every 4-6 hours

Now that you know how to insert a tampon, subscribe to our organic tampons !

5. What else you need to know about tampons

Did you know : When a tampon is in the right place, you feel it so little that you even forget it. You will find out what to do in this case here .

Tampons were already used in ancient Egypt, back then in a very original form as cotton balls or linen balls , phew, a lot has happened there! We have tampons made from organic cotton and in sustainable packaging. And best of all: They come directly to your home via delivery service.

I'm a virgin, is that a problem?

Here we can reassure you. No, the hymen cannot be ruptured or damaged by inserting a tampon . The hymen has a small opening through which the tampon fits. This is elastic and only expands as soon as you insert a tampon.

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