Pillenpause Guide - Alles was du wissen musst!

Pill Break Guide - Everything you need to know!

The pill break is a time when you don't take a pill but instead take a seven-day break. During this break, your body will stop receiving hormones from the pill and you will bleed. But that's not your period. Did you know that?
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phew! Taking the pill and taking a break from the pill requires a lot of discipline. One pill every day for 21 days, preferably at the same time and don't forget a pill...
Aiaai! After around three weeks of continuous hormone intake, we can "treat" ourselves to a break from taking the pill. But what is it really?
Here we explain everything you need to know!


After taking the pill, there is a break before taking the pill again.

The bleeding that starts during the pill break is not a real period at all.

You can shorten the pill break.

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Table of contents

1. The pill break is not a period

The important things first! Because what many people don't know at all is that bleeding during the pill break is not a real period!
Yep, you read that right. Rather, it is a withdrawal bleeding or withdrawal bleeding . Usually (hihi) it is also weaker and associated with less hormonal chaos. In contrast to a real period, the pill builds up less lining of the uterus, which then does not have to be shed.
During the break, the period is actually only "imitated" - some claim because the contraceptive method can be sold better with it...

Did you know that the pill break lasts seven days because it mimics the natural cycle of 28 days?

Average values ​​were taken as the basis for the 28-day cycle of the pill. But we know that not every woman is average. That's why we could understand only too well if you want to shorten or postpone the break.

Before you change your intake: Please always talk to your doctor.

2. Shorten the pill break

The end of taking the pill is approaching and you already know that your withdrawal bleeding will be totally inappropriate again. Damn! We know only too well. So if you've always wondered how long a break from the pill should generally be, then we now have great news for you:

From a medical point of view , shortening it by one or more days is absolutely unproblematic. If your periods are really inconvenient at some point, you can even shorten the break so that you can start the next blister pack immediately afterwards .

This is especially useful if you accidentally forgot a pill in the third week of taking it.

3. Extend the pill break

But what if you just don't feel like taking the pill and just want to take a little break from the hormones?

Can the pill break be extended or brought forward?
Basically, the tablet-free period should NEVER last longer than seven days. Because not taking the hormones reduces the protection against unwanted pregnancies . So if you want to have your pill break longer, you should use an additional contraceptive from the eighth day.
Likewise, bringing it forward is not recommended and if so, then you should have taken at least 14 pills correctly for a protected break.

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4. Sex while off the pill

Can you get pregnant without a pill for seven days? No.

But only if you keep to a maximum of these seven days.

If you take a long break from taking the pill, a woman can actually become pregnant.
During the 21-day intake period, the female body is feigned to be pregnant. As a result, no egg cell can mature and fertilization is not possible.

As soon as the break begins, hormone withdrawal bleeding begins and pregnancy is ruled out in most cases.

In plain language, this means that the protection remains the same even during the pill-free period if the pill break is not extended.

5. Getting pregnant while on the pill break

No. Provided you have taken everything correctly beforehand, the protection of the pill is retained (there is always a residual risk, of course).
Taking a break from the pill lowers the hormone level and an egg cell can mature to a certain extent.

But the seven days are far from enough for ovulation.
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