Periode verkürzen: 4 Tipps!

Shorten your period: 4 tips!

Days of cramping and the constant feeling of leaking? Annoying but unavoidable. Or? Not quite - we have tips and tricks for you on how to shorten your period naturally.

Actually, we should be happy about our period . After all, regular bleeding is a sign that we are healthy. But sometimes it can be quite annoying. Especially if you have a very long or extremely heavy menstrual period.
A bit of cheating or tricks would be an advantage. There are actually a few ways you can naturally shorten your period without any chemicals.


On average, the period lasts about three to six days .

Hormonal factors have an impact on the intensity of your menstruation.

It is possible to shorten one's period .

Table of contents

1. What does the length of the period depend on?

The length of the menstrual period, like the menstrual cycle, varies from woman to woman . On average, the period lasts about three to six days. If you're unlucky, you're welcome to stay longer. In general , hormonal factors have an impact on the strength of menstruation . So your diet, exercise, body weight, how much you drink and your general condition all have an impact on your period.

So far so good and how can I shorten my period now?

2. How Sex Can Help Reduce Periods!

Period sex may not be for every woman. But menstruating watch out!

Orgasms are said to help shorten menstruation .

During orgasm, the uterus contracts, causing you to lose blood more quickly. It doesn't matter whether it's through sex or masturbation. The main thing is that you come!

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3. Exercise can work wonders

During your period you probably feel less like exercising than eating, sleeping, eating and err sleeping. But maybe we should get over it. Sport and exercise not only relieve cramps, but can also help the blood drain faster . You don't have to start running a marathon right away.

Yoga or going for a walk also increase blood flow to the abdomen.

A little exercise is also wonderfully relaxing and afterwards you can treat yourself to a nap or a pizza with a clear conscience.

4. Miracle herb for shorter days

Herbs and plants can have a beneficial effect on us during the period. Not only can they relieve menstrual pain, they also have a positive effect on the length of menstruation.

You can take the miraculous power of herbs and plants in the form of pills or teas .

Here's a little inspiration:
Monk's Pepper : May have a cycle regulating effect.

Ginger, raspberry and thyme tea : promote bleeding.

Maca Root : Helps restore hormone balance during periods.

5. Warm, warmer, shorter period

A visit to the sauna can work wonders during your period.

The heat is intended to relax and thus contribute to better drainage of the blood. If you are not a sauna fan, you can also use a hot water bottle or a grain pillow.

A little tip: a warm bath or an electric blanket guarantee all-round warmth.
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