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Safety Razor Set Safety Razor Set
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Safety Razor – Zero Waste & Prevents Razor Bumps Safety Razor – Zero Waste & Prevents Razor Bumps
Aftershave "Smooth Operator" Aftershave "Smooth Operator"
Solid Shower Gel & Shaving Soap "Soap Opera" Solid Shower Gel & Shaving Soap "Soap Opera"

The advantages of the safety razor at a glance

Gentle shaving

To shave or not to shave? We leave that up to you. Intimate areas, legs, arms, big toes: Our safety razor is suitable for all areas. Prevents razor bumps and razor burn.

S(h)aves Money

Conventional plastic cartridges for system razors cost around 1-2 € per piece and are usually encased in a plastic holder. Replacement blades for the safety razor start at 0.25 € per piece and also last longer than conventional disposable blades.

Without plastic - for the Planet

Every year, 500 million plastic blades end up in the trash. Our 100% metal blades last at least 20 shaves longer. The safety razor is made of resin and chromed metal, making it ultimately durable - your zero-waste razor.


Still have concerns? Safety razors are not dangerous. With a little practice, everything goes smoothly. They are also called safety razors because the blade only protrudes slightly from the razor.

The Safety Razor by The Female Company

Not just for women - a gentle and sustainable wet shave.

Your body is a garden, grow whatever you want. But if you shave – shave sustainably.

The Female Company safety razor will be your last razor - disposable razors, plastic waste, and constantly changing replacement blades are a thing of the past. Thanks to its sustainable materials made from solid resin and chrome-plated metal, it lasts a lifetime - just like its blades. Because each blade can be used on four sides, it lasts at least 20 shaves longer than most disposable metal and plastic razor blades.

Features of the safety razor

The safety razor consists of a handle made of resin, a head, and a comb made of chrome-plated metal. The blade is inserted into the comb and securely enclosed and fixed by the twist closure. The safety razor allows for a precise and clean shave that is particularly gentle, as only a single sharp blade is used.

Generally, safety razors are categorized into models with an open comb and models with a closed comb.

While in the open comb, the teeth protrude and are more suitable for dense hair growth, this comb structure allows for an efficient shave. However, with this option, the risk of injury is somewhat higher.

The closed comb ensures safe use: In models with a closed comb, such as The Female Company's model, there is a continuous edge against the blade, and the comb has slight waves. This positions the blade slightly recessed and protected. The closed comb provides more protection against cutting injuries and is therefore the better choice for people with sensitive skin who prefer a product for a thorough, yet gentle and safe wet shave.

How well does the safety razor shave?

The sustainable metal blade, the closed comb, and the non-slip grip provide a comfortable shaving experience. And the sharp blade that glides over the cutting edge only once helps prevent razor bumps! It reduces micro-injuries during shaving – which can lead to skin irritation afterwards. This allows for a gentle and comfortable shave for all areas of the body you want to shave. A single sharp blade is more than enough to achieve top shaving results; double, triple, or quintuple blades often promoted in system razors are not necessary and typically result in even more blade contact with sensitive skin.

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Easy blade replacement

To change the blade, simply unscrew the razor head from the handle, which allows the comb to be completely disassembled into two parts. Then, carefully remove the (old) razor blade and place a new blade on the top side of the comb. Place the underside on it, tighten the handle again, and the blade is securely in place, and the safety razor is ready for use. For more details and visual instructions on blade replacement, refer to the product video. The safety razor is compatible with all common razor blades.

Zero waste razor

For sustainable shaving: By purchasing the safety razor, you consciously avoid plastic and the resulting waste from disposable blades: The safety razor is 100% plastic-free and made from durable materials such as resin and chrome-plated metal - so you will enjoy the product for a very long time. The blades last much longer than traditional disposable blades from system razors, reduce plastic waste, and are the better choice for environmentally-friendly shaving.

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