Changing an industry.
One period at a time.

Manufacturers are not required to list the ingredients in their tampons on the packaging. We want to know what's (literally) inside us and break the taboo! No more blue liquids, "lady parts" or "strawberry weeks".

Our vision

A world without taboos surrounding the female body.


A U.S.-American model looses both of her legs – because of a tampon

She is suing one of the world's largest tampon companies over their "synthetic tampon material that promotes the growth of TSST-1 toxins".

Source: Vice, Stern

Shortly after we found
The Female Company.

With organic period products, whose cotton is free from harmful substances and developed in collaboration with gynecologists and midwives. Grown on certified plantations and manufactured by certified producers. Over 250,000 customers also think it's "excellent."

Empowering Womenhood

What we already achieved...


The Tampon Book

7% on caviar and truffles, but 19% on tampons? No way! In 2019, The Female Company took action against the unfair taxation of period products with the Tampon Book.


One Girl One Cup

With 'One Girl One Cup,' The Female Company protested against the censorship of menstrual education. It provided the first truly helpful educational tutorial on using the menstrual cup – on PornHub.



MENstruation - the first educational series by men for men.


WIENERIN founders day

The Female Company at the WIENERIN founders day in Austria


Test Like A P🍑rnstar

5 million annual infections with chlamydia – but nobody talks about it?! The Female Company does – and even launched the vkit self-test for chlamydia.