Der ultimative Periodenartikel Vergleich - Welches Produkt passt zu mir?

The ultimate period article comparison - which product is right for me?

We still remember the days when there wasn't really anything besides tampons and pads that could make monthly bleeding easier. There are now more and more products for menstruators. You lose track of things in the period game. Which product suits you best?
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Menstrual items are as individual as menstruators. While some rely on the good old basics and simply feel most comfortable with pads, others can no longer be dissuaded from period underwear and can no longer imagine sticking something in their panties every month.

But with the amount of products and the oversupply of advertising for the latest, most innovative and safest period product, women quickly lose track.

This article should help you to find out which product is the very best for your own needs - we present: The ultimate period article comparison!


The decision on which product you rely on when menstruating is a personal one!

Unsure? It's all in the combination - Many people like to rely on several products.

You change and your preferences change with you - dissatisfied with a product that you have been using for years? Try something new!

No menstruation? We would also have some discharge..

Our Daysics® underwear for discharge as a sustainable alternative to panty liners .

Table of contents

1. What should I pay attention to?

When deciding on a menstrual product , various factors should be considered. The most obvious is probably the length and severity of your bleeding. Someone who has a very heavy bleeding should possibly not resort to the conventional disposable period products, because that means - constant change or the constant fear of having to change. Annoying! On the other hand, someone who is menstruating for the first time or has a very light menstrual period can easily use disposable items such as tampons.

The questions you should ask yourself for your choice are -

How active am I - how much movement and sport does my product have to go through?

How heavy and long is my bleeding - how often do I change my disposable products on a heavy period day?

What is important to me - Should the product be comfortable, easy to use, particularly absorbent?

Am I comfortable with the idea of ​​introducing something?

2. Tampons & Pads

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We've already mentioned it - who doesn't know them, the good old little helpers?! And although there are now various alternatives, pads and tampons are still the most popular period products . Whether tampons and pads are for you depends on what your priorities are and how heavily you bleed. Prioritize because these are disposable items - no shame at this point, but if sustainability is important to you, you might want to consider another product. Depends on how heavy the bleeding is because it's super important to change tampons regularly . If you do that, however, a tampon is a good choice in many situations - whether at work, during sports or in the water - tampons are quick and easy to insert, reliably absorb the blood and prevent unpleasant odours. The downside with tampons - if you have heavy bleeding you will need to change it often and the suction may not be enough for your period, if you have a very light period then using a tampon may dry out the vagina which in turn will result favors infections. Especially with the first menstruation, beginners often like to use pads . As a first aid when unsure, or for anyone who just doesn't feel comfortable inserting something, pads are a good first choice. Simply glued into the slip, they can catch a lot of liquid and - let's be real - the cliché of diaper feeling is also missing with most pads these days. As with tampons, pads should be changed every few hours . Both tampons and pads come in different sizes depending on what suits your flow and body.

Again in short - tampons and pads are the Og's among the period products, they are reliable products for light and medium bleeding, tampons can also be used optimally for sports and swimming. The use is not particularly sustainable, with heavy menstrual bleeding frequent changing can be an annoying factor and wearing too long promotes infections.

3. Menstrual cup

Until a few years ago, menstrual cups were still an absolute niche product and decried as a hippie product. Now things are looking very different.

Menstrual cups have become a popular alternative to conventional tampons and pads. They convince above all with price and sustainability. Because menstrual cups are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than their disposable counterparts. Unlike pads and tampons, which absorb blood, menstrual cups only collect the liquid.

It works like this - The folded menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina, where it pops up again and is held in place by vacuum and the vaginal muscles .
Compared to tampons, menstrual cups can hold significantly more menstrual blood, up to 48 ml depending on size and volume . Because they can hold so much liquid, menstrual cups can be worn for up to an incredible 12 hours - bye bye bathroom breaks, we say . Leaving at night was yesterday. The initial purchase is more expensive than a pack of conventional pads or tampons, but the menstrual cup should last you much longer - up to 10 years. Say whaaat?!

Plus, menstrual cups are incredibly sustainable, being reusable for years means there isn't a constant flow of new waste.

Last but not least, menstrual cups are considered safer in terms of their health aspect. Since the menstrual blood is collected and not absorbed, the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is significantly lower. TSS is a bacterial infection that can occur when using tampons. (Don't worry, super rare)

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4. Period underwear

Did you know : With period underwear you can save money in the long term. You will learn more here .

Period panties are, as the name suggests, primarily panties for the period - i.e. underpants, panties, hipsters, whatever flows your boat - for when you have your period.

Period underwear therefore has an absorbent layer that extends to the edges of the panties and completely covers the intimate area. And the blood is simply absorbed? Yes! With our period panties, for example, this is done by our Stay Dry Layer Technology . The absorbent layer in menstrual underwear, developed by experts, has 4 layers with optimal absorbency and remains breathable . Nothing can slip, run past or leak here! And even if we're talking about 4 layers, the absorbent layer is worked into the panties so flat that you don't have to be afraid of an uncomfortable diaper feeling when wearing them. So you can only rest on the fact that there is a continuously constant suction surface from putting it on to changing it.

Period underwear offers a solution for avoiding the mountains of waste that arise with pads and tampons. It is washable, therefore reusable and in our case sustainable and vegan through the use of organic cotton or TENCEL Modal and production according to certified standards.

After wearing them - individually or in combination with another period product - you wash them out briefly by hand before you can wash them with other laundry at 40 or 60 degrees in the washing machine and then air dry.

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