Alternative zu Slipeinlagen

Alternative to panty liners?

Discharge can cause standing wetness and cold. 92% find this uncomfortable. We asked ourselves: Why aren't there panties that prevent this?

Let's talk about - panty liners! You know, those little helpers that some of us keep in our purses "just in case"? Thing is, they might not be the best idea for everyday use. 

1. Chemicals in panty liners

Panty liners are made from a variety of materials including plastics, synthetic fibers and halogenated organic compounds. Halogen-organic compounds are a group of several thousand organic compounds that contain bromine, iodine or chlorine. They can be found in cosmetics and some chemically finished textiles. They are added to panty liners to prevent yellowing and make them more absorbent. Many of them are considered allergenic, some are carcinogenic. Such chemicals, which can upset the delicate pH balance of your vagina, are particularly dangerous because long-term panty liner wear exposes our most intimate area to these potentially harmful ingredients for hours on end. Not exactly a recipe for a happy, healthy bottom.

2. The humidity problem

Another problem with using panty liners every day is that they can trap moisture. Wearing a panty liner seals in natural discharge and creates an environment perfect for bacteria to multiply. More bacteria - increased likelihood of vaginal infections. Panty liners are an essential tool for many women to feel fresh and dry throughout the day. But let's face it, they can be bulky and aren't always the most convenient option. So what are the alternatives to traditional panty liners? That depends on your needs. Some women find that switching to breathable cotton underwear is enough to keep them feeling fresh and dry throughout the day.

3. Alternatives to menstruating

We all know them by now - the period panties. They are specifically designed to soak up menstrual flow and can hold as much as a regular tampon or panty liner, if not more. Plus, they're reusable, which is great for both your wallet and the environment. Next we have menstrual cups. These small silicone cups are inserted into the vagina and catch menstrual flow instead of absorbing it like a tampon. They can be worn for up to 12 hours and are reusable just like period panties. They are also a good alternative for anyone who is sensitive to certain materials or chemicals that tampons or panty liners may contain. But wait a minute! What do these products have in common? They are intended for menstruating and not for daily business.

4. But what about vaginal discharge?

But what about discharge? Every woman knows the odorless, milky-white secretion (white flow) that flows out of the vagina every day. This discharge (called fluor vaginalis or fluor genitalis) first appears a few years before puberty and accompanies women until menopause. The fluid that most people refer to as "discharge" is actually called "cervical mucus." Cervical mucus is produced in the cervix (or German cervix). He has absolutely important tasks! The cervical mucus contains many lactic acid bacteria that create a slightly acidic vaginal flora that can defend itself against invaders such as fungi, viruses and bacteria. So cervical mucus is super important and totally natural. So if your discharge doesn't smell or look funny, you have every reason to celebrate. You don't have to endure the sometimes unpleasant feeling of a wet crotch! Because there is a little helper for this too - the discharge underwear.

5. The Ultimate Alternative - Drainage Underwear

Leakage underwear is underwear with a slightly absorbent insert and is intended to prevent the feeling of wet crotch caused by natural discharge in everyday life. In most cases, the whole thing works in a similar way to period underwear with an absorbent and breathable insert in the crotch area. The Daysics® has an extra short and thin insole - for an invisible look every day. As a first layer, it has a honeycomb structure for pronunciations in seconds. A second, responsible for storing and drying the liquid. An integrated leak guard that blocks liquid but allows air to circulate unlike panty liners. And the fourth layer in organic cotton for maximum comfort. So there are a few alternatives to panty liners in everyday life and one that is specifically designed for them. So embrace your discharge and try what works best for you!

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