Hormon-Spirale und keine Periode mehr?

Hormone spiral and no more periods?

First continuous bleeding, then nothing more? After the insertion of the spiral, many know exactly this phenomenon. But why don't you get any more bleeding, isn't that unhealthy? Learn more here.

The hormone spiral and the period – two very special friends have probably found each other here. Because for many it is true - since one (spiral) has been there, the other (period) often just doesn't want to come by. You wait and wait, but the monthly date lets her go without notice - so you're really worried. Sometimes she does stop by, but only for a very short time. Hello, ciao, see you sometime.

Is this the new normal?


Changes in bleeding from the IUD are normal.

The hormones that the IUD releases can cause the normal cycle process to change.

According to the package leaflet, bleeding can also occur during the actual menstrual break for the first three to six months.

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Table of contents

1. No period with a spiral - what's the reason?

Individual experiences vary, of course, and there are many women who don't notice a difference. But many stories have one thing in common: With Spirale, something goes differently down there (or not at all). But why?

To find out, it pays to take a closer look at the Jaydess leaflet - and yes, sometimes it pays not to crumple that paper behemoth right back into the packet (has anyone ever managed to fold that thing up nicely again?).
First of all, to reassure you: the changes in the bleeding are relatively normal. More specifically, more than one in ten women experience heavier or lighter menstrual bleeding.

A separate section is even dedicated to the subject of “irregular or rare bleeding”. Here you can read that it is "probable overall" that the bleeding will gradually decrease month by month or even stop altogether . But we already know that much, the question of why still remains.

If you continue to fight your way past side effects and the like in the package insert , you will actually find a kind of explanation: The hormones that the spiral releases for contraception can lead to a change in the normal cycle process - and that is quite intentional, After all, pregnancy should be prevented. Instead of building up a thickened mucous membrane in which a fertilized egg cell could nest, the uterus saves itself the work. And because there is no mucous membrane, there is no reason to remove it with bleeding. Kind of logical.
By the way, you still ovulate because the natural hormonal cycle is maintained.

When I asked the coil manufacturer Jenapharm, I also found out: Because there are “no daily breaks in taking the coil like there are with taking the pill, [...] different bleeding patterns can occur. This may be related to age, how long the Jaydess has been in use or in place, and the initial strength, duration and regularity of the woman's menstrual bleeding.”

Did you know : It is also not uncommon for bleeding to stop during the pill break! You will learn morehere .

2. Heavy bleeding after IUD insertion

So far so good. But what about the frequent permanent bleeding immediately after the insertion? There's an explanation here too. The body has to get used to the hormonal spiral first.

According to the package leaflet, bleeding can also occur during the actual menstrual break for the first three to six months . There is nothing about the frequency, but if you ask around, it happens quite often and then VERY strongly. And after the ebb comes the tide – uh, the other way around. Somehow logical - the body is not necessarily used to having a foreign body permanently stuck in it -> natural reaction: get rid of it .
It's all very confusing. Good to know that you are not alone in this.

And one more thing is very important: If the days are missed because of the spiral, that is NOT a sign of pregnancy. However, if you are worried that the spiral has secretly said goodbye to the whole spectacle, you should take a pregnancy test as a precaution. Unfortunately, there is no way around this.

3rd period & spiral

Yes, the IUD can cause changes in your period - and it's not uncommon. Initial permanent bleeding is likely; just like a complete absence or a weaker period. But you can't really change anything about it. That's ok, after all, you usually (hihi) already know about it or maybe that's exactly what you want.

However, this intervention in the body's own rhythm should not be underestimated - after stopping it can also take a while for the body to get used to its own cycle again. But one thing above all helps in all the confusion: being prepared for everything and being able to adapt.

For example, when menstruation changes from flood to dry, you can easily switch your tampon subscription from Super to Mini. And for starters, it's best to have a pair of panties ready.

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