Menstruationstasse & Spirale: Das musst du wissen!

Menstrual cup & spiral: What you need to know!

Something with negative pressure and a dangerous combination - Is that your first association with the topic of cups and spirals? Well, it's not that bad. Read everything you need to know here.
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Since our first menstrual cup came onto the market, we have noticed one thing: you have a lot of questions. One that came up again and again is: menstrual cup and coil – is that okay?


In principle you can use a menstrual cup with a spiral.

However, you should stick to a few rules and be careful with them.

If something goes wrong and not only the cup but also the coil is removed - off to the gyn!

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Table of contents

1. Menstrual Cup & IUD - What's the problem?

Combining a menstrual cup with an IUD can indeed be difficult, but it is not inherently impossible . It often depends on several factors, including the position and type of IUD, the size and shape of the menstrual cup, and the individual anatomy and experience of the user.

The position of the IUD in the uterus can vary , and it can be near the cervix or deep in the uterus. If the IUD is placed too close to the cervix, there is a risk that the menstrual cup will touch or pull on the IUD, which can be uncomfortable or even painful.

Menstrual cups come in different sizes and shapes . If the cup is too big or an improper shape, it could affect the coil and shift the coil's position or even pull it out.

Using a menstrual cup requires some practice and experience to place and align it correctly. If you're new to using a menstrual cup, you may have difficulty positioning it correctly.

If you want to use a menstrual cup, it is advisable to speak to a doctor first . They can check the position of the IUD, assess the individual's anatomy and possibly make recommendations as to whether it is safe and appropriate to use a menstrual cup in this case.

In some cases , the combination of menstrual cups and IUDs can work well , especially when the IUD is placed high in the uterus and the cup is inserted correctly. However, it is important to be careful and seek medical advice if necessary to avoid potential complications. A doctor can also help choose the best menstrual cup for an individual situation.

2. This is what you should pay attention to

If you don't want to do without your menstrual cup, you should at least pay attention to a few things.

The menstrual cup and coil become inseparable, especially if the negative pressure is not released properly. When removing the menstrual cup, it is extremely important that you don't just pull and jerk it wildly.

  • When removing the menstrual cup, it is best to press in one or both sides with your finger. Squeeze the cup a little and then take it out very carefully (!). So Madame Spirale should stay in place.

One of you power women gave us a professional tip via Instagram:

“You should be careful when squeezing the cup, for example if you take it out in a C shape. You can pinch the thread there. But that can only happen if the thread is long. You can also have the thread shortened.”

  • To be on the safe side, do the double check and look at the contents of your cup as you empty it (it's also interesting). If there's nothing spiral-like floating around here - all good!

3. And what if an accident does happen?!

OUCH! It happened . Have you actually managed to painfully pull out your coil with your menstrual cup? Then go to the doctor and don't do anything yourself again.

In this case, a visit to your doctor is essential. To prevent the IUD from being pulled out through the menstrual cup, we generally recommend allowing a little time to pass before you use the menstrual cup when inserting the IUD for the first time. This has the advantage that everything fits in well and your uterus can get used to the foreign body.

The same applies to the copper chain. She doesn't always respond very well to the menstrual cup. But that's another topic!

Whether you choose a menstrual cup and coil is at your own discretion. As you can see, problems can arise, but they don't have to. Of course, you can also simply switch to organic tampons instead of the menstrual cup.

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