Es juckt und brennt: Pickel im Intimbereich

It itches and burns: pimples in the intimate area

Pimples in the intimate area are an unpleasant thing. Especially if you don't know where they're coming from, whether it's just a razor burn, excessive sebum production, or maybe an STD. Read this ...
Blasenentzündung durch Sex?!

Bladder infection from sex?!

New partner, first sex - bang, cystitis! Great .. where does this phenomenon come from that after traffic it suddenly burns and pinches and feels weird underneath. All you need to know about honeym...
Lust auf Sex während der Menstruation?

Want to have sex during menstruation?

Our hormones play a crucial role when it comes to desire. And during the cycle, there are various of them that make us how horny we are. You don't have sex during your period? Hmmm, it could be good..
„Ich muss mal… abspritzen“ – beste Anleitung zum Squirten

"I have to...cum" - best guide to squirting

Squirting is a myth? think! Apart from the fact that it is a completely normal reaction of your body to arousal, you can even practice squirting! Do you know, how?