Blasenentzündung durch Sex?!

Bladder infection from sex?!

New partner, first sex - bang, cystitis! Great .. where does this phenomenon come from that after traffic it suddenly burns and pinches and feels weird underneath. All you need to know about honeymoon cystitis...

You sleep with someone, maybe even for the first time, have a nice night and the next morning when you wake up - oh oh, it burns peeing. Many know the burning and stinging feeling after sex. bladder infection? Where is she from now?


Bladder infection after sex is also called honeymoon cystitis .

Unlike cold-related cystitis , honeymoon cystitis is caused by mechanical friction.

There are some tips & tricks on how to protect yourself.

Table of contents

1. What is honeymoon cystitis?

The symptoms of honeymoon cystitis are those of a "normal" bladder infection. The name only comes from the fact that this type of bladder infection is caused by sex.

Common complaints are, for example, burning when urinating, frequent urge to urinate, increased emptying of the bladder with little urine and pain in the abdomen.

We know it - as soon as you feel the burning and stinging sensation in your abdomen, all alarm bells are ringing.

It can even happen that you lose interest because you just don't want to risk anything, and hey - cuddling is nice too?!

2. Bladder infection from sex - how?

The mechanical friction during sex irritates the mucous membranes of the vagina. An irritated vagina can no longer protect itself against pathogens, which means it is easy for them to settle in the genital area and then ascend into the bladder.

Cystitis often occurs when you switch directly from anal to vaginal sex . In this way, the Escherichia coli bacteria (E. coli bacteria), which are often responsible, get directly into the vagina, which may already be irritated anyway, and really mess things up there.

An additional beneficial factor can also be contraceptives . what?? Crazy but true: Diaphragms, but also spermicides can affect the mucous membrane in the genital area and thus promote the implantation of germs. Basically, if the environment isn't relaxed down there, you won't be either.

Some studies also suspect that it can also be due to the partner if you get a bladder infection after sex. Don't worry, you don't have to break up! Especially with a new partner, it may be that your immune system first has to "get used to" the man's bacteria.

3. Prevention tips

If you've often had bladder infections after sex, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to avoid or at least reduce it in the future.

1. Pee after traffic: Hopefully we've all heard it at least once. From moms, friends, etc. - The most important thing is going to the toilet after sex to empty your bladder as quickly as possible. This flushes out any pathogens and prevents them from feeling too comfortable somewhere.

2. Intimate care: It sounds trite, but it actually helps. Clean the intimate area briefly with warm water. This also allows you to get rid of potential pathogens.

3. Vaginal - not after anal intercourse: These sex practices should not follow one another without hygiene measures or changing the condom. Otherwise, the bacteria get directly from the intestine into the vagina and accordingly quickly in the direction of the bladder.

4. The right contraceptive: Avoid contraceptives that can promote cystitis (as mentioned above).

5. Proper Diet: It's hard to believe, but the fact of the matter is that eating a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet can help prevent future infections.

4. Is sex taboo now?

Regardless of the pain that this question should take away from you anyway, sex during a bladder infection is not necessarily recommended.

We've already talked about it - mechanical friction eeeer rather unfavorable.

And since the vaginal milieu is already imbalanced, repeated mechanical friction creates additional stress .

In the worst case, the bacteria responsible for the inflammation can spread even more and even worsen the honeymoon cystitis.

We recommend that you completely cure your bladder infection and treat it in consultation with your doctor before you turn to other things. With proper treatment, you shouldn't be out of action for too long (haha).

5. Can I get a bladder infection under control on my own?

Whether you can get a bladder infection under control on your own depends entirely on how severe it is.

Pain when urinating or having to run to the toilet often is very unpleasant, but often does not require any therapy.

If it's just a mild bladder infection, the following applies: drink a lot, heat, bladder tea - and wait and see.

A mild bladder infection usually heals without problems.

If you are unsure or cannot bear the pain, you should consult your gyn asap. Here, honeymoon cystitis is often treated in a similar way to other uncomplicated urinary tract infections . But let's be honest, when there's cramping and pinching, we're happy to take the pain-relieving and antispasmodic medication that's been prescribed to us.

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