Periodenunterwäsche nutzen: Nach dem Entbinden

Use period underwear: After giving birth

We at The Female Company have created a MammaBox - the survival kit for your postpartum period. So the MammaBox can get you through the confinement wonderfully. But can you actually use period underwear after giving birth?

The postpartum time is the first time after the birth when you and your baby can get to know each other intensively and bond with each other. Your body begins the process of post-pregnancy recovery . Now he needs a lot of rest to recover. The postpartum period lasts about six weeks. But hey, that's individual for everyone! You asked us, can you actually use period underwear after giving birth?


Up to 500ml of blood and other fluids are excreted during the weekly flow .

Anything that is good for you and your baby is allowed in childbirth.

Period underwear and its absorbency can definitely prove helpful.

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Our mom box

Specially developed for the needs of (expectant) mums.

Table of contents

1. The childbed

Postpartum is the phase after childbirth in which the female body reverses the changes associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

Quite apart from the physical transition, many women describe this time as particularly valuable for getting to know mother and child and for building a bond and finding their way into their new role.

Even if this first time together is a very special one, don't feel bad if you feel overwhelmed, tired and exhausted. The length of the postpartum period can vary from woman to woman, every body is different and recovery after pregnancy also takes different lengths of time.

As a rule, your body needs between six and eight weeks to recover from your pregnancy.

2. What happens in childbirth?

As you know, pregnancy is not the only thing that has grown in size. The body has gone through a whole process and experienced various changes that are now being reversed.
Your body has to excrete the now superfluous tissue from your uterus and regulate your hormone balance again. Hormone chaos and your body is working at full speed - Even if you have just become a mom, the time of childbirth will not always feel easy mentally and physically.
Pay special attention to yourself now, not to overexert yourself and to allow yourself your thoughts and feelings. In the best case, you have partners or friends who can provide you with special support during this time.

3. What is weekly flow?

The puerperal flow is a concomitant phenomenon of the puerperium . Puerperal discharge is wound secretion from the uterus that leaks out of the vagina in a similar way to your menstrual period. The difference between weekly flow and a normal period is that weekly flow is heavier than your normal period and is not just blood. Weekly flow initially has a red color.

After about a week, the weekly flow should slowly weaken and take on a brownish colour.

After about two weeks , the weekly flow should have turned yellow and be clearly less than at the beginning of the puerperium.

Three weeks after delivery, the weekly discharge should have changed to a whitish discharge. This is also individual from woman to woman, but the weekly flow should end between four and six weeks after the birth.

Again, everyone's body is different, so be sure to ask your doctor if you have any questions and get checked out if anything seems odd. There are no stupid questions when it comes to your health!

4. The MammaBox

The MammaBox is the survival kit for the weekly flow and was developed together with midwives.

With this you can easily put together your package for the postnatal bed.
The MammaBox includes postpartum products made from organic cotton (grown without chemicals and pesticides), clinically tested and hypoallergenic.

This includes postpartum pads as well as panty liners and pads. An intimate douche and our maternity bed underwear can also be useful helpers.

5. Postpartum period underwear

The combination of maternity bed underwear and maternity bed insert is definitely the right choice due to the amount of discharge for the first few days.

If the weekly flow slowly decreases, it makes sense to switch to maternity bed underwear or period underwear instead. The high-waist MammaPanty with organic cotton and an integrated absorbent layer collects liquid safely and odourlessly. Your double bottom in postpartum floods and safety zone for discharge during pregnancy. If you're still losing a lot of fluids, you shouldn't rely on period panties, but after a few weeks they should be reliable to keep you from leaking again.

In the post-pregnancy period, we definitely recommend our Extra Strong Panties . They are extremely strong - without feeling nappy.

With a wearing time of 8-12 hours you have peace of mind, without feeling wet and annoying bathroom breaks. In order not to unnecessarily irritate your intimate zone, which is stressed by the birth, our panties are biocide-free & hygienic and made of certified organic cotton. GMO-free and without the use of synthetic fertilizers.

Of course you can wash your panties in the washing machine with similar laundry. They should relieve you and not make you more work!

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