Periodenunterwäsche nutzen: Erste Periode

Using period underwear: First period

The first period can be something that subconsciously triggers stress. How will it feel, how much will I bleed, what products can I use? All of this is summarized in this article.

The first period is coming up - That can make you nervous at times...but it doesn't have to be!

Your body is now going through developments that are completely natural. And yes, new things can be scary - but you can menstruate easily ! And we have the few tips you need!


The first period can feel overwhelming!

You don't have to know immediately which products are for you - take your time!

There is no "one" perfect period product, sometimes it's a combination of products that work for you.

Already seen: The first period set.

Our period classics in a set , with everything you need for menstruating for the first time.

Table of contents

1. The first period

You're about to get your period for the first time - a little preparation can't hurt! Some products ensure that you have the most relaxed days ever - pads, tampons & Co. !

Since the very first period is usually quite light, you can still rely on the less absorbent products.

Now all you have to do is find out which product feels best for you. And there they say - the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

2. The different products

There are many products out there for menstruators with many different preferences .

First there are bindings. Pads are glued or placed inside the underpants. There they absorb menstrual blood and other fluids. They consist of an absorbent core and a fleece surface.
They are soft and specially shaped so that they should fit perfectly in your underpants. Pads are a good idea at the beginning of your menstrual period if you're just not comfortable inserting anything into your vagina. Because menstrual periods vary , pads come in different sizes. There are longer and shorter, thicker and thinner, some with and some without "wings". The "wings" are designed to attach the pad to the panties and provide a sort of

leak protection.
Most pads are self-adhesive on the underside and (after removing the protective film) are attached to the crotch of the underpants.
How often you need to change the pad depends on how heavy your flow is and how thick and absorbent your pad is. You will quickly notice when your bleeding is heavier and when it is less heavy.

Panty liners are very similar to pads, but they absorb less liquid and are thinner. Therefore, they are well suited for the first or weak days of the period.

The menstrual cup , also known as the menstrual cup, is usually made of medical grade silicone. A menstrual cup is a receptacle inside the vagina that collects menstrual blood. The cup is inserted directly into the vagina and is flush with the walls of the vagina. It is more suitable if you already have some experience in the menstrual game, or your periods are very heavy.

3. Tampons and correct insertion

Tampons are made of pressed cotton and are inserted directly into the vagina, where they absorb menstrual blood.

We want you to get full transparency about the ingredients of our products - literally know what you're made of:
Certified organic cotton without pesticides, chemicals or perfume, plastic-free packed in compostable film, CO2-neutral production in Austria .

You can decide on a suitable size with the appropriate suction power or you can put together a mix of sizes individually. From mini , normal to super to super plus, all common tampon sizes can be selected.

Insertion may feel weird the first time - don't worry, it's normal. Try it like this - First, remove the protective film and pull firmly on the thread that is located at one end of the tampon. Place the end of the tampon that has the string attached to the tip of your index finger. With the other hand you can feel where you want to go. Then insert the tampon into your vagina deep enough so that you can no longer feel the tampon when you move or sit down. This is usually when you've already inserted your finger all the way into the vagina.

If you feel resistance at first, don't worry and try to change direction - first up and then a little diagonally backwards. To prevent infection, remember to wash your hands beforehand.

4. Period underwear

If you're thinking now - "I don't feel ready for a tampon or a cup, the idea of ​​inserting something in the vagina and preferably with period pains makes me nervous."

Or you think - "I don't want to use disposable products, I find pads and panty liners unhygienic because I just put cotton in my panties and bleed all over them."

Then we have the perfect all-round talent alternative for you: period underwear!

Period underwear refers to briefs and panties or underpants in general, which collect the blood during menstruation with an integrated absorbent pad and then seal it in a leak-proof manner. The breathable absorbent pad from The Female Company with Stay Dry Layer technology absorbs liquid at lightning speed, directs it inside and is then caught in an antibacterial and absorbent layer.
In addition to being leak-proof, period underwear should not neglect comfort and style, so that the panties don't feel much different than your favorite panties for every day.
You can either wear period panties on their own or combine them with other period products such as the menstrual cup or organic tampons.

5. What should I read before I get my period?

Did you know : Wet panties before your period are not uncommon! Many women are affected. You can find out what is normal and when you have to go to the gynhere .

You've come to the right place: You can find everything about your period in our FAQ !

You can browse comfortably here and we can certainly answer some of your questions. You can also find exciting articles on all sorts of topics related to your period in our blogs and check out our Insta account - we don't mince words!

Gynecologists will also give you information brochures on the female cycle, puberty, sexuality and perhaps even contraception. And now - Happy Menstruating!

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