Vulva oder Vagina - Was ist der Unterschied?

Vulva or Vagina - What's the Difference?

Have you ever confused the vulva and vagina? No worries, not after this article - because not all pussy is the same, there's more to it! And all the ingredients ensure that the female sex is as str...
Klitoris in Stimmung bringen? So geht's!

Get the clitoris in the mood? That's how it's done!

The clitoris is an amazing organ that can be an incredible source of sexual pleasure. Do you know how to properly stimulate the clitoris to experience clitoral orgasm? The first step is to explore ...
Pillenpause Guide - Alles was du wissen musst!

Pill Break Guide - Everything you need to know!

The pill break is a time when you don't take a pill but instead take a seven-day break. During this break, your body will stop receiving hormones from the pill and you will bleed. But that's not yo...
Hausmittel bei Scheidenpilz

Home remedies for vaginal thrush

Is it burning and itching in the intimate area, but it doesn't feel like a bladder infection? Uh oh, maybe a fungal infection?! Read this article to find out what the symptoms are and what home rem...
Wie schmeckt eigentlich eine Vagina?

What does a vagina actually taste like?

Have you ever asked yourself that? Just like that, or because someone gave you a stupid joke? Nasty and probably uninformed - because "funny" taste usually doesn't come out of nowhere.. read here
Realtalk: Wann kommt die Periode nach einer Ausschabung?

Realtalk: When does the period come after a curettage?

After a scrape, one can be quite confused - and so is the cycle. Here you can find out exactly what happens during a scrape, how you get your normal cycle back afterwards and what tips there are fo...
Die 50 kreativsten Namen für deine Scheide

Die 50 kreativsten Namen für deine Scheide

Schon mal drüber nachgedacht, dass es für das männliche Geschlechtsorgan enorm viele Bezeichnungen gibt, während das weibliche Geschlechtsorgan sich immer mit denselben drei Alternativ-Namen zufrie...
Wo ist eigentlich der Kitzler?

Where is the clitoris?

The clitoris is known for its extraordinary sensitivity. Did you know that around 8,000 nerve endings make it one of the most sensitive parts of the female body? What we're saying - He deserves som...
Deep talk: Wie tief ist die Vagina?

Deep talk: How deep is the vagina?

How deep am I? And am I even "tight enough"? Is my vagina the "right" shape and size? Read everything you always wanted to know about your gender here..