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34 XS 88 – 91 cm
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40 L 99 – 101 cm
42 XL 102 – 104 cm
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46 3XL 108 – 111 cm
48 4XL 112 – 116 cm
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34 164
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38 176
40 182
42 188


What you didn't know about your vulva

There is only one way to break taboos: education. That's why we have teamed up with experts of a special kind, as well as gynecologists, midwives and other professionals. We've put together guides for you on various topics: women's health, anatomy, sex, periods... And we hope they'll give you more than good old Dr. Summer.


Your cycle planner

We let our pants down and say what we're all thinking anyway: Periods can be really annoying. What no one talks about, however, is the magic of the female cycle. Because what happens to us every month is a miracle from Mother Nature #itsmagic. In this e-book we do a little image optimization of the cycle.


Alternative contraception and NFP

WTF is NFP? Contraception with a thermometer and body signals only? Without pills, coils etc. Yes, it works! Say ciao to the daily dose of hormones and the little downer when you have to dig for the condom during foreplay. Hello NFP.


The Outflow Bible

Does it work for you - even without a period? So many of you talk about feeling cold and wet with heavy discharge, but we haven't found any reliable figures on this.
That's why we asked you about your experiences - and more than 8,000 responded. But that's not all: more than 1,000 of you sent us pictures of your real underwear. Time for more panty realness and less discharge shame!


4 tips on how to shorten your period

Shortening your period, is that possible? The answer to that is: yes!
And all without contraceptive pills. We have a few natural hacks for you to help you get rid of your period sooner. Because let's be real: she can be really annoying sometimes.


The survival guide for the postpartum period

The puerperium begins after birth and ends six to eight weeks later - depending on whether the birth is cesarean or vaginal. During this time you need one thing above all: rest.


The Vulva Gallery

Is everything worn out after the birth? As if. Because although the vagina can enlarge up to ten times, everything often regresses quickly. Here you can see the proof in black and white (or pink). Thanks to all the super moms who sent us selfies of their after birth vulvas. We celebrate you – not just on Mother’s Day. With this in mind: let the After Birth Healing Process begin!