Kann ich durch Periodenunterwäsche langfristig Geld sparen?

Can I save money by wearing period underwear?

Menstrual products are expensive and have long served one purpose only - absorbing blood. Despite the trend away from disposable items, many are reluctant to purchase the more expensive alternative, period underwear. Did you know that you can even save money in the end?
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Whether it's tampons, sanitary napkins or panty liners: for decades menstruators have consumed a lot of hygiene items. In addition to physical complaints such as stomach ache or headaches, the period also puts a strain on the wallet. Period underwear is considered a new all-round talent in the menstrual game, but is it worth buying?


We spend over 20,000 euros on average for our period in our lives -

Chocolate and painkillers included to get through painful days.

Conventional period products are not only expensive, but not the most comfortable option for everyone - that's where period panties step in.

In five years you can save around 200 tampons or pads if you only wear menstrual underwear on three days of your period.

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1. What is period underwear again?

Period underwear is underwear that can be worn during the period. It has an integrated suction surface and absorbs (at least in our case) the amount of blood that 6 normal tampons would absorb.

Period underwear from The Female Company is reusable, made from sustainable materials and vegan . Period panties are available in different styles and with different levels of absorbency, so they can be individually adapted to every person and every lifestyle. After wearing them - individually or in combination with another period product - you wash them out briefly by hand before you can wash them with other laundry at 40 or 60 degrees in the washing machine and then air dry.

Did you know that we work with Stay Dry Layer technology for our panties? You can find out more about how our panties are leak-proof here .

2. Mountains of garbage from menstruation

On average, a menstruating person has their period twelve times a year. On average, between 10,000 and 17,000 different disposable hygiene products are used during menstruation per lifetime . Quite apart from the cost factor for us as buyers, menstruation produces between 75,000 and 125,000 tons of waste every year - and that in Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone.

The issue of climate change and the impact garbage has on the environment is greater than ever and many have increased environmental awareness - including when choosing menstrual products . The search for alternatives to tampons and pads opens up new possibilities. In addition to menstrual cups, menstrual sponges or washable cloth pads, period underwear has recently become a welcome innovation . And it has more than the environmental benefit...

3. Save costs and pain?

Ever heard of Free Bleeding ? Many menstruators experience that their menstrual pain lessens or disappears completely if they - let's put it like it is - just let it go.

How can that be?! You can think of the uterus as something like a balloon. The uterus is a hollow muscular body with a constriction at the end called the cervix. The cervix narrows the cervix.

The inside of the uterus is lined with mucous membrane. During menstruation, blood collects from the lining of the uterus . As more and more blood accumulates, there is pressure on the cervix and the blood flows out of the body through the cervix and vagina as menstrual bleeding.

The fact that menstrual pain is less if you do not introduce period products may be due to the fact that the cervix can open more easily if there is no tampon or menstrual cup blocking the natural flow of blood.

4. Is period underwear worth it?

Whether tampons, sanitary napkins or panty liners: for decades menstruators have consumed a lot of period products . Let's be honest, the most stressful thing about menstruation is clearly the pain you have to deal with once a month, but what you have to spend on the period hurts at least as much!

On average, we spend more than 20,000 euros for our period in our lives. And this not only includes tampons, pads and the like, i.e. the products that support our body during menstruation, but also painkillers and chocolate! If you only limit it to the classic hygiene items, you can assume around €15 per period. That comes to €180 a year - ouch, we're cramping.

If you look at this calculation again and compare the whole thing with period underwear, you come to the following conclusion: A period panty costs around 30 euros on average, five panties are needed per period on average, makes 150 euros as a one-off purchase. Because with good care, your panties should last you a few years!

We see - the cost-benefit calculation works, not to mention the environment, which is happy. Fixed calculation at this point - Even if you only wear menstrual underwear for three days of your period, you would need about 200 fewer disposable items within five years. Period underwear it is - we would say! But convince yourself:

Did you know : With the right care, your period underwear should last you a few years. More about proper care here .

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