Warum Pantys von The Female Company die besseren sind

Why The Female Company panties are the best

With so much choice and so many brands, you tend to make impulse decisions. Read here why period panties are not just period panties and why you are making a good choice with us ..
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Period underwear is no longer a novelty. The selection is correspondingly large. Many brands offer the absorbent slippers in different shapes, colors and styles.

Then it doesn't really matter where we buy, right? nope! Because even if there is a wide range of period panties, they are not the same everywhere.

We want to make your decision easier, so today we're going to explain the subtle differences between panties from different brands that should definitely influence your purchase decision.


Period panties from The Female Company are made by women for women.

With us you will find a large selection of styles, there is something for everyone!

What is important to you? Make a purchase decision only when the panty suits you completely.

Table of contents

1. Suction strength

Heavy menstruators often complain that period panties are not suitable for everyone because they cannot absorb as much liquid as desired.

With low absorbencies or a two-layer pad between the legs, absolutely clear.

Wetlands? Is there somewhere else. Our Stay Dry Layer technology absorbs liquid at lightning speed, so you stay dry. The Stay Dry Layer Technology in menstrual underwear, developed by experts, has 4 layers with optimal absorbency and remains breathable. The super absorbency of period underwear works thanks to innovative technology. A smart absorbing layer is incorporated into the crotch of the period panty. Two layers ensure that liquid is quickly absorbed on the one hand and firmly enclosed on the other. It is worked into the panty so flat that it is hardly noticeable. Super comfy wearing comfort guaranteed, no trace of diaper feeling.

Our most absorbent menstrual underwear stays tight even on days with heavy menstrual bleeding. They can absorb the liquid compared to tampons and are made of soft organic cotton. In this way, they ensure a comfortable and pleasantly dry feeling even with heavy bleeding.

2nd cut

diaper feeling? Not with us! The absorbent layer in the period panty is sewn in so that you hardly feel it when wearing it. The soft organic cotton ensures maximum bum comfort and our different styles will make you feel sexy even during your period (when you feel like it). Bye bye grandma slipper!

It's all about variety - we offer period panties in different models and shapes , so that there is a suitable panty for every occasion. All period panty models are made of organic cotton quality:

  • Slip: the comfortable classic with a traditional fit, low waist and a medium-high leg.
  • High Waist: It doesn't get any more cozy – Panties with an elastic, extra high waistband.
  • Hipster: Slightly lower on the hips with longer legs, buttocks are fully covered in fabric for 100% feel-good vibes during your period.
  • Brazilian: Period panty in the new Brazilian fit. Slightly tighter at the buttocks, a high leg cut and sewn-in extra protection.

For more, please visit the shop. We are continuously developing new styles according to the wishes of our customers so that we can not only offer you 4 styles.

3. Care and antibacterial finish

The gusset or insert in our new period panties now does not contain any biocides. We have improved the insert so that it can be washed at 60 degrees and we therefore no longer need an antibacterial finish. The outer material is also washable at 60 degrees. In addition, the entire gusset is made from recycled and biodegradable materials .

So that your Schlüppi can protect you for as long as possible, you should wash them on a gentle cycle and/or in a laundry net. Our panties are also Oekotex certified, vegan, cruelty-free and made from organic cotton .

4. Wear time

First of all: We are all different and it is difficult to generalize when it comes to periods. The length of time you wear period underwear therefore depends very much on your menstrual cycle. Just like with tampons or pads, how long your period panty lasts is individual.

At The Female Company you will find period underwear with different absorbency levels. Depending on the absorbency and amount of liquid, you can wear your period underwear until your panty is full - but you should change it after 10 hours at the latest.

Still better than having to run to the office bathroom after 2 or 4 hours to change your panties, right?! This is the information given by many other panty suppliers.

5. Volume Discount

We are already aware that period underwear requires a deeper reach into the wallet than conventional tampons. And that, in addition to personal preference, it is very important who can afford to buy panties for the first time.

That's why we always offer volume discounts .

Get enough panties for your whole period - and save up to 15%.

This is how it works: Add your favorite panties to the shopping cart. You can mix different styles!

The discount will be automatically deducted from your shopping cart.

You get a discount depending on how many panties you have in your shopping cart:

  • from 3+ panties: 10%
  • from 5+ panties: 15%

Your current discount is displayed in the shopping cart and on the product pages.

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