Was ist Periodenunterwäsche?

What is period underwear?

What is this period underwear that has been hyped on social media for some time? Brilliant innovation or marketing gag - find out everything about period panties here!
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About a quarter of the world's population menstruates, using around 12,000 to 15,000 tampons or pads per lifetime. Period underwear promises to replace conventional menstrual products as a sustainable variant without the wearer having to forego comfort and safety. Is that correct? What can period panties really do?


Period underwear is designed to be worn during menstruation.

The reusable panties are more expensive to buy initially, but in perspective they are the cheaper alternative to disposable products.

Period underwear is not only an innovation for your wallet, but also for the environment .

Our period panties as a sustainable alternative to period products.

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1. How does period underwear work?

Period panties are , as the name suggests, primarily panties for the period - i.e. underpants, panties, hipsters, whatever flows your boat - for when you have your period. Period underwear has been designed to be worn during the menstrual period in order to convince as a clean, sustainable but above all more comfortable alternative to loose pads, tampons and other period products. Period underwear is usually designed in such a way that a kind of absorbent surface is integrated in the crotch area that absorbs liquids, so that the issue of pads or panty liners is done. This is particularly important because the loose gluing does not hold well with every movement and slipping pads are not only annoying, but also ensure that we ask ourselves once again whether we really aren't leaking..

Period underwear therefore has an absorbent layer that extends to the edges of the panties and completely covers the intimate area. And the blood is simply absorbed? Yes! With our period panties, for example, this is done by our Stay Dry Layer Technology . The absorbent layer in menstrual underwear, developed by experts, has 4 layers with optimal absorbency and remains breathable. Nothing can slip, run past or leak here! And even if we're talking about 4 layers, the absorbent layer is worked into the panties so flat that you don't have to be afraid of an uncomfortable diaper feeling when wearing them. So you can only rest on the fact that there is a continuously constant suction surface from putting it on to changing it.

2. How sustainable is period underwear?

In addition to the argument of relief, which is decisive for many, there is also the environmental aspect. A menstruating person uses around 12,000 to 15,000 tampons or pads per lifetime . This is neither cheap nor sustainable. We know what you're thinking - do you want to make me feel bad because I'm menstruating?! No! No matter what period products you use, you should never feel bad about your choice . Use what you want to use, use the period products you feel most comfortable with. Whether tampons and pads, or a more sustainable alternative.

Period underwear offers a solution for avoiding the mountains of waste that arise with pads and tampons. It is washable, therefore reusable and in our case sustainable and vegan through the use of organic cotton or TENCEL Modal and production according to certified standards. While there are many standards with different criteria, organic cotton is strictly non-GMO and must be grown without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers . This avoids the largest relative impact of conventional cotton production: the use of chemicals. In addition, organic cotton uses much less fresh water and energy overall (approx. 90% and 60% less respectively).

Modal, on the other hand, is a natural cellulose fiber that is obtained from fast-growing beech wood, is extremely soft on the skin and is extremely flexible. We use TENCEL™ Modal from Lenzing, which ensures closed cycles for chemicals, water and energy in sustainable fiber production. The pulp to fiber process is energy self-sufficient and the beech wood forests are managed sustainably and therefore do not require additional artificial irrigation.

3. How do I wear period underwear?

Did you know : Period underwear is not only cheaper than disposable products, it is also better for your body. You can find out more here .

Even if you spend significantly more for the initial purchase than for conventional tampons, the investment pays off in the long run and is significantly cheaper in the end . If you stock up on several, or wear them in combination, you wear and wash them less, so that they last longer. As far as the duration of period underwear is concerned, it depends on how heavy your menstruation is, just like tampons or pads. With us you will therefore find period underwear with different absorbency levels. Depending on the absorbency and amount of liquid, you can wear your period underwear until your panty is full - but you should change it after 10 hours at the latest.

Depending on the model, period panties are just as suitable for heavy bleeding as for menstruators who bleed less.

4. How do I wash period underwear?

Period underwear can be washed out briefly with cold water after you have worn them and then washed in the washing machine with similarly colored laundry . The degree to which you should wash your period underwear depends on their antibacterial protection.

The antibacterial layer of period underwear is often treated with biocides to prevent unpleasant odors. With these panties, the wash cycle at 40 degrees is enough to get them spotlessly clean.

The insert in our new period panties, on the other hand, does not contain any biocides, yay! We have improved the insert so that it can be washed at 60 degrees and we therefore no longer need an anti-bacterial finish. The outer material is also washable at 60 degrees. The entire insole is made from recycled and biodegradable materials.

Basically, we recommend delicate detergents for fine fabrics and special treatment in the laundry net for our panties and advise against aggressive detergents, dryers, bleaching agents and fabric softeners. If you pay attention to these little things, you can benefit from the advantages of your Schluppi for a long time.

5. We summarize - that's why we love period panties!

In summary - period underwear is underwear that can be worn during the period. It has an integrated suction surface and absorbs the amount of blood that would fit into up to multiple tampons. Period underwear from The Female Company is reusable, made from sustainable materials and vegan. Period panties are available in different styles and with different levels of absorbency, so they can be individually adapted to every person and every lifestyle. After wearing them - individually or in combination with another period product - you wash them out briefly by hand before you can wash them with other laundry at 40 or 60 degrees in the washing machine and then air dry.

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