Welche Period Panty ist die richtige für mich?

Which period panty is right for me?

Hipster, high waist, absorbency ... as a newbie in the period panty game, it's easy to get confused with all the options. Find out now which panty is right for you.

Period underwear promises to replace conventional menstrual products as a sustainable variant without the wearer having to sacrifice comfort and safety and have become indispensable for many menstruators. But with the now huge range of different styles, absorbency levels and sizes - how do you know what you actually need?


Period panties are the new innovation among menstrual products.

They are available in different cuts and with different absorbency levels.

Depending on your individual needs and your menstruation, some panties are more suitable for you than others.

The Original: Period Panties by The Female Company.

The sustainable alternative to disposable products .

Table of contents

1. What is period underwear anyway?

Period underwear is underwear that can be worn during the period. It has an integrated suction surface and absorbs (at least in our case) the amount of blood that also tampons would absorb. Period underwear from The Female Company is reusable, made from sustainable materials and vegan.

Period panties are available in different styles and with different levels of absorbency, so they can be individually adapted to every person and every lifestyle. After wearing them - individually or in combination with another period product - you wash them out briefly by hand before you can wash them with other laundry at 40 or 60 degrees in the washing machine and then let them air dry.

If you want to know more about period panties and how they work, read here .

2. What should I consider when making my choice?

There are many factors that determine how you should make your choice.

Of course, the primary aim here is to give you an orientation, but you still buy the panties that you find most beautiful! You decide!

However, if you are wondering how to choose, it would be wise to consider the following:

1. What is the length and intensity of your menstrual period? Is the bleeding so heavy that you have to change your tampon more than three times a day? Or maybe your bleeding is very light, more like spotting, and inserting a tampon even feels uncomfortable?

Our panties have different suction strengths, depending on how strong your bleeding is, you can use this as a guide when making your selection.

If your bleeding is heavy at the beginning of your period and light on the last two days, several panties are suitable for you.

2. How active is your lifestyle during your period? Sounds like a strange question at first, but think about how much and how intensely you move while you are menstruating. That too can be a factor to consider. If you exercise with your period panty, it should be a cut that makes you feel secure and encloses your entire lower body well. If you travel a lot and don't have time to change your panties throughout the day, one with more absorbency is a good choice.

3. What are your underwear priorities? Do you prefer your buttocks to be well wrapped, do you like high-cut panties because you like the feeling that your stomach is also supported, or do you prefer cheeky styles that are more revealing? Nobody said you can't feel sexy while menstruating!

3. The classics

In a casual hipster cut with slightly longer legs for 100% feel-good vibes during your period or as classic briefs for those who want to feel like they are in their normal underwear.

Both panties are part of our original range and are the much-loved ogs from The Female Company.

They are only 1mm thicker than normal underwear, keep you dry for 8-12 hours and are made from ultra-soft organic cotton.

Our community describes it as ideal for a light period and for period underwear newcomers to try it out for the first time!

4. The sexy panties

Our new lace styles not only look damn sexy, but are just as comfortable and reliably super strong as you know from our panties. That puts us in the (bloody) mood...

This model impresses with a little less material. But who said you can't feel sexy while menstruating?!

Psssstttt... the sexy lace panty is also available in an extra absorbent version.

5. Extra Strong - For heavy bleeding

Soft and strong are contradictions? That's not true. Our beautiful panties from the Extra Strong category are just as soft as they are super strong and offer support for all your sides! Swing your bum in ultra-soft organic cotton and fall in love with the lace, the high-waist, the hipster, the panty and a wide variety of color options that all have one thing in common - super absorbency! You can really just let it run!

6. What else to look out for

Even if you spend significantly more for the initial purchase than for conventional tampons, the investment pays off in the long run and is significantly cheaper in the end. If you stock up on several, or wear them in combination, you wear and wash them less, so that they last longer. As with tampons or pads, period underwear is worn for a long time, depending on how heavy your menstruation is.

Depending on the absorbency and amount of liquid, you can wear your period underwear until your panty is full - but you should change it after 10 hours at the latest. Depending on the model, period panties are just as suitable for heavy bleeding as for menstruators who bleed less.
Period underwear can be washed out briefly with cold water after you have worn them and then washed in the washing machine with similarly colored laundry.

You can find out more about the correct care of period underwear here .

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