Wie spüre ich, dass ich meine Tage bekomme?

How do I know I'm getting my period?

PMS, abdominal cramps and cravings are new to you? Wondering how you feel about getting your period? We've got you! Read here everything you want to know now.

There can be several signs that you are getting your period.

But these differ from person to person and also from period to period. You may have noticed some of these signs yourself – just look out for them before your next period!? Very typical signs are - TADAAA - abdominal cramps aka pains of death. But there's more:


Premenstrual Syndrome is known as PMS .

These are symptoms that you feel before menstruation.

There are some signs that you can tell that it's almost here.

Table of contents

1. Signs your period is coming

  • abdominal cramps and abdominal pain
  • Sore breasts
  • fatigue
  • breakouts
  • cravings
  • PMS (more on that below)

The signs you notice in yourself can also differ from month to month . By the way, some women don't notice anything at all! So no matter how - don't worry!

2. What is PMS?

PMS = Premenstrual Syndrome ! Premenstrual simply means "before the onset of the period". PMS is not that simple after all. PMS is quite complex and varies greatly in women. PMS simply describes all the mental and physical ailments that a woman has before the onset of her period. These symptoms usually start four to 14 days before your period . The list of complaints is quite long - from circulatory problems, hot flashes, cravings to depressive moods and fears, everything is included!

Every woman has an individual combination of complaints. There are four types of PMS - type A, C, D and H. Type A has to do with anxiety and irritability, type C with cravings - i.e. attacks of cravings, especially for sweets, type D refers to women who suffer from depressive moods and Type H women get water retention before their period. Maybe you recognize yourself in one or more of the guys? Fortunately, the symptoms usually go away when menstruation begins.

You can find an in-depth article on PMS here .

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3. Are mood swings normal?

Who does not know it? Once a month is a state of emergency for (almost) every menstruating woman. The hormones drive us and our fellow human beings insane. They make us laugh, cry, crawl under the covers, get angry - all within 5 minutes! And yes, this is NORMAL - during and before your period. Responsible for the whole (emotional) chaos are of course the hormones. Over time you will learn to deal with it. For example, if you're not feeling well, it's okay to withdraw - just do what feels right for you!

4. Will I always have a stomach ache?

The bad news first: You may not only have stomach pains during but also before your period (keyword: PMS). BUT each of your periods can be different . You may also experience symptoms after your period. Sometimes the stomach ache is particularly bad, other times it's mild, and sometimes it's not there at all - those are the best days! Above all, relaxation helps against the pain – through yoga or with a hot-water bottle in bed. A good movie and the food you crave! Just as you feel most comfortable! ?

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