Wie lange darf man einen Tampon drinlassen?

How long can you leave a tampon in?

Tampons are great, especially organic tampons - but they shouldn't be worn forever. Infections, itching, burning and other things can follow... Read everything you need to know about how long you should wear a tampon here.

You can wear a tampon for up to 6 hours, but please no longer! If you do forget it, which tends to happen towards the end of your period...then change your tampon asap!

Depending on the size of your tampon and the strength of your menstrual period, you may have to change the tampon earlier –

Warning: danger of leakage! So make sure you wear the right size - not too small, otherwise you might have to sprint to the toilet after an hour, but not too big, otherwise your mucous membranes will be irritated too much... so it's better to go to the toilet on time.


A tampon should always be changed regularly.

It's a fallacy that you only have to get your tampon out when it's full - please don't!

Leaving a tampon in your body for too long can be seriously dangerous.

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Table of contents

1. Is there a difference in sizes?

Of course, the different tampon sizes suck differently. You can tell the absorbency by the small drops on the packaging, which indicate how much a tampon can absorb. The super tampons are as absorbent as a vacuum cleaner, so you should only use them if you really have a heavy flow.

The mini tampons absorb a little less, so they're perfect for when you're having a light period or towards the end of your period when there's less blood flow.

The 'normal' tampons are something in between - weak bleeding? nope Heavy bleeding? Not really either. Then the 'normal' tampons might be right for you. However, size makes no difference when it comes to how long you can wear a tampon:

All sizes should be changed after a maximum of 6 hours!

2. What happens if my tampon stays in longer?

apocalypse?! No, of course not - but you shouldn't try it on yourself along the lines of "How long can I leave my tampon in?". There are a few reasons why you absolutely shouldn't do this!

  1. Tampons not only soak up your blood, but any liquid in your vagina. That means they could dry out your mucous membranes if you wear them for too long - so always change your clothes properly!
  2. More and more blood accumulates and this is where bacteria like to cavort - they feel right at home there and this increases the risk of infections. TSS is manifested by, for example, sudden high fever, dizziness, vomiting & nausea, sunburn-like skin rashes, etc. If you notice such symptoms, go to the doctor immediately and tell him that you suspect you have TSS.
  3. You could just leak as it can't hold any more blood.

You don't have to expect the worst immediately if you've been wearing your tampon for a little longer, because often nothing happens - everything stays the same... Nevertheless, this should remain the exception to keep the risk of infection low . If you notice anything else after wearing a tampon for a long time - for example an unusual discharge or a strange smell - then please go to your gyn as well!

3. Can I wear tampons overnight?

You and your organic tampons just can't get along without each other? That's why you sleep in the same bed with them at night? It's definitely great when you've discovered tampons for yourself and can have relaxed and carefree days with them.

If you don't want to skimp on it, make sure to change your tampon before and after bed...if you're planning on sleeping 12 hours straight, though, set an alarm to change it.

As a late or heavy sleeper, you might prefer to use a pad or period underwear, if you wake up five times a night anyway or only sleep 6 hours at a time, then you can easily leave it with the tampon.

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