Sex mit Tampon: Was du wissen musst und wie es funktioniert

Sex with a tampon - is that possible?

Sex with a tampon is not possible?! Or? no If you insist, you can leave the tampon in. There are even tampon alternatives just for this purpose. Read everything you need to know about it here.
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But you really feel like having your period during your period and wanting or not wanting to keep your tampon in?

Sex during your period is supposed to work wonders and relieve cramps.

But is sex with a tampon feasible and above all recommended?


During sex it can happen that the tampon is pushed very deep into the vaginal cavity.

Soft tampons are designed to make sex more comfortable during your period.

If you can't get a tampon out after sex - off to the gyn, that's no fun anymore.

Just let it go: Our underwear for bloody days.

Period panties as a sustainable alternative to panty liners, pads and tampons .

Table of contents

1. Can you have sex with tampons?

Whether organic tampon or not - the answer is always: "YES" .

During sex it can happen that the tampon is pushed very deep into the vaginal cavity . Once it's really deep in there, it can be quite tricky to get it out again.

In addition, the tampon can cause pain during sex if it pulls and pushes - better out than in. Even if removing the tampon interrupts your sexy foreplay, it is still the more recommended option.

2. Sex with soft tampons

But there is still a little joker, namely the soft tampons .

Disguised as a small heart-shaped sponge, they are supposed to make sex a little more pleasant during the period .

However, the soft tampons require some practice when inserting and removing them, because they do not have a withdrawal string . Instead, there is a small hole on the side that serves as a grip tab. The removal can also become a small scavenger hunt.

But if you can't or don't want to do without sex with tampons, these little sponges can be a good alternative .

3. Tampon gone after sex

Sometimes the enthusiasm for sex just overwhelms you and a quickie during your period can quickly turn into an oops. Namely when you have completely forgotten that you are wearing a tampon. Should you now wait until it might fall out again or do you need to go to the doctor as soon as possible?
The idea of ​​a tampon floating around somewhere deep within us can be pretty frightening. But don't panic , take a deep breath and relax.

Waiting and drinking tea is a non-issue here, however. By palpating your vagina you can try to get hold of the withdrawal string. If that doesn't work, you should seriously consider going to the doctor. Because a tampon must not be in your body for several days .

This can lead to health problems such as infections.

Can you have sex with a tampon?

It is not recommended to use a tampon during intercourse. Tampons are designed to absorb menstrual blood and should be removed prior to intercourse. There are specially designed products such as soft tampons that can be used as an alternative to traditional tampons during intercourse. These products tend to be more flexible and softer than traditional tampons and are less disruptive to sexual intercourse.

Can the tampon get lost inside me?

No, a tampon cannot be "lost" inside you. The cervix forms a barrier that prevents a tampon from migrating into the uterus. The vaginal canal is only about 8-10 cm deep and the cervix is ​​at the end of the canal. A tampon can only be inserted as far into the vagina as the vaginal canal will allow.

What to do if I can't get the tampon out after sex?

If all else fails, quickly off to the gyn! Something like that can happen and is no reason to be ashamed. let me help you

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