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How to (use): Soft tampons

Soft tampons - the seductive little sponges that are often used for sports, visits to the sauna or a sexy time during menstruation. Read everything you need to know about them here.

Some like it soft, others prefer it harder. No, we're not talking about sex here, we're talking about periods. Because here, too, there is a version for softies. The soft tampon is in everyone's vagina right now - whoops, I mean of course on everyone's lips... my bad! Soft tampon - never heard of it? No problem! We'll enlighten you and tell you why we think soft tampons have a BIG DISADVANTAGE (but more on that below). Let's get started.


Soft tampons are small sponges that you can insert very deeply.

These should allow you to exercise, fiddle and more while you are bleeding .

The soft tampon adapts to your individual shape so that you no longer feel it.

Table of contents

1. Soft tampon - what is that anyway?

Soft tampons aka sex tampons (read correctly) should give you the feeling of freedom that you lack during your menstruation. This is a soft sponge made of foam. Like a tampon, this is pushed deep into the vagina and immediately absorbs the blood.

So far so good. But why this hype? In terms of comfort, the soft tampon conquers the hearts of some power women, because you do NOT feel it. In addition, it is also super discreet, since there is NO return strap at the end.

That means: Bye, bye tampon speed cameras.

2. Sexy time thanks to Softtampon?!

But that's not all. With the soft tampon not only visits to the sauna, sports and swimming are possible, but also SEX ! Say whaaaat??? YES. SEX IS POSSIBLE WITH IT. If you've been uncomfortable with sex during your period (which of course you never have to be), stop worrying about it. The soft tampon opens up a new world for you. But how does that work? And is that uncomfortable?

The answer is: nope . Such a soft tampon clings to the individual shape of your vagina. If it was inserted correctly, neither you nor your partner will notice anything and you can let it rip.

ATTENTION: A soft tampon does not replace a contraceptive and you should remove it immediately after intercourse.

3. Disadvantages of the soft tampon

Now you're probably asking yourself: WHY DON'T I HAVE SOMETHING YET??? Stop! Before you make a hasty purchase, be sure to read on. Because a soft tampon naturally has its advantages and disadvantages. Now we have to take those rose-colored glasses off of you. Let's get real.

Coming back to the missing string: Okay, soft tampons don't have a string to get stuck between your buttocks (come on, we all know it). Removing the soft tampon is all the more tricky and painful. And if there's one thing a hygiene article shouldn't do, then it's - to hurt. Imagine that you are also on the go in the meantime. It can even happen that you can't get it out because it's stuck deep inside and you can't get to it. Then, inevitably, you have to go to the gyn or the hospital, and you usually don't want to do that. Sounds anything but relaxed, doesn't it?

4. Does the soft tampon protect against TSS?

The answer is NO! Of course, a normal tampon or the cup can also trigger TSS .

But did you know that using organic tampons reduces your risk of developing TSS? But the most important thing is to change your product regularly. So you should not leave both a conventional and a soft tampon in for longer than 6 hours.

Buying a soft tampon probably still sounds very tempting.

But how much does all this fun actually cost? You can get conventional tampons for less than €5. With this you have usually provided for a whole two cycles. A soft tampon is not that cheap. A single one costs around €1 .

You don't have to be a math genius to realize how deep you have to dig into your pocket. After all, you have to change it every few hours.

5. Are soft tampons sustainable?

In today's world, an environmentally conscious life is more important than ever.

So let's take a look in terms of sustainability: The soft tampon definitely can't get close to the menstrual cup . After all, you have to change it every few hours and degrade it ecologically, even if it can't be done. In addition, each soft tampon is individually packed in plastic.

Don't conventional tampons do that too? Not quite: Our organic tampons are not only made from certified organic cotton, they are also packaged more sustainably.

No matter which product you ultimately choose. You can make a small contribution to the environment by disposing of it. Don't forget that period products like tampons belong in the trash and not in the toilet !

If, despite all the reasons not to use a soft tampon, you still need one, then use it as a beauty blender. So your make-up not only sits well, it is also good for the wallet (in this use).

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