Good Flow?

Period underwear

Extremely absorbent and only 1mm thicker than normal underwear.

Menstruationstasse einführen - Die Anleitung

Insert menstrual cup - the instructions

Have you always wanted to try it, but don't dare because it seems too complicated? Then this article is for you - read everything you need to know.
Wie lange darf man einen Tampon drinlassen?

How long can you leave a tampon in?

Tampons are great, especially organic tampons - but they shouldn't be worn forever. Infections, itching, burning and other things can follow... Read everything you need to know about how long you s...
Menstruationstasse & Spirale: Das musst du wissen!

Menstrual cup & spiral: What you need to know!

Something with negative pressure and a dangerous combination - Is that your first association with the topic of cups and spirals? Well, it's not that bad. Read everything you need to know here.
PMS und Ernährung

PMS and Diet

Did you know that you can alleviate PMS by changing your diet according to your cycle? No? Well, then we now have everything for you that you need to know before the next premenstrual crying spell!
Welche Tampongröße passt zu mir?

Which tampon size is right for me?

With the various sizes on the market, the question often arises - which tampons are the right ones for me? But only buy one size and use it for every cycle?! Nah... it doesn't work that way.
How to: Menstruationstasse reinigen

How to: Clean the menstrual cup

Menstrual cup fangirl? Great, so are we! But do you know how to clean them properly? Because as a reusable, sustainable best friend, it should last you for a long time. Find out everything you need...
Sex mit Tampon: Was du wissen musst und wie es funktioniert

Sex with a tampon - is that possible?

Sex with a tampon is not possible?! Or? no If you insist, you can leave the tampon in. There are even tampon alternatives just for this purpose. Read everything you need to know about it here.
Schmerzen beim Tampon einführen?!

Inserting a tampon hurts?!

Inserting tampons hurts you? It definitely shouldn't, something is wrong here. Tampons that are too big, the wrong angle, or even vaginismus? We explain it to you.
Tampons und Spirale - Was du wissen solltest

Tampons and IUDs - What you should know

Tampons with spiral - yes or no? And what about menstrual products in general - in this article we explain everything you need to know about menstruation with a spiral.