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Daysics® Discharge Underwear

Absorbent for every day: as more sustainable alternative to panty liners.

The narrow integrated pad absorbs in secondskeeps you dry.



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$model_name:Laura$model_height:176cm$model_size:40#Farbe_Schwarz $model_name:Laura$model_height:176cm$model_size:40#Farbe_Schwarz
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$model_name:Laura$model_height:176cm$model_size:40 $model_name:Laura$model_height:176cm$model_size:40
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$model_name:Laura$model_height:176cm$model_size:40 $model_name:Laura$model_height:176cm$model_size:40
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$model_name:Laura$model_height:176cm$model_size:40 $model_name:Laura$model_height:176cm$model_size:40
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$model_name:Nessa$model_height:170cm$model_size:34 $model_name:Nessa$model_height:170cm$model_size:34
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$model_name:Laura$model_height:176cm$model_size:40 $model_name:Laura$model_height:176cm$model_size:40
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Cheeky Brief
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Wearing time

Stay Dry: Every Day

Stay Dry Layer Technologie™

Developed by textile engineers and gynecologists: as thin as your normal underwear and still absorbent. The Daysics® can replace up to two panty liners.

Layer 1: Stay Dry Layer™

Absorbs liquid, as discharge or light bleeding lightning fast and dries within only few seconds.

Layer 2: Absorbent Layer

Stores the liquid and securely locks it in.

Layer 3: Waterproof Membrane

Ensures zero leakage, also in case of longer wearing times.

Layer 4: Soft Outer Fabric

Super soft organic cotton or recycled polyester for an extra comfy feeling.

In 76% of panty liners, there are halogen organic residues.

According to ÖKO TEST of 2022. Some of them are considered carcinogenic, many as allergens, and almost all of them harm the environment.

Not with us: All our products are made from organic cotton, undergo a rigorous testing process, and are certified as free from harmful substances thanks to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

No harmful substances

You ask, we answer

Frequently asked questions

Daysics® are designed with their lightly absorbent lining to prevent the feeling of a damp crotch in everyday life due to natural discharge. Your Daysics® feature an extra short and thin lining – for an invisible look – and, unlike conventional panty liners, do not hinder breathability.

The discharge panty consists of several layers: The first layer is made of a honeycomb structure and absorbs liquids within seconds. The second layer stores fluids particularly well and ensures that you always have a dry wearing experience. The third layer is made of a leak-proof membrane, which does not allow fluids to pass through but – unlike conventional panty liners – is simultaneously breathable. The fourth layer is made of soft organic cotton for maximum comfort.

Wash your Daysics® with similarly colored laundry at up to 60 degrees in the gentle cycle of your washing machine and let them air dry. We recommend using a delicate detergent to protect the fibers.

Fabric residues can sometimes be so large that they cannot be absorbed. However, the technology ensures that moisture is completely absorbed. So, you should have significantly less mucus or discharge residue than in ordinary underwear.

Yes, at the beginning of your period or for light bleeding, Daysics® are well suited. If the bleeding becomes heavier, we recommend our period underwear.

"Discharge" is a general term for anything that comes out of the vagina. The fluid that most people refer to as "discharge" is actually called "cervical mucus". Cervical mucus is produced in the cervix (or in German, the uterine cervix). It has absolutely important functions! The cervical mucus contains many lactic acid bacteria, which form a slightly acidic vaginal flora that can defend against intruders such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

Cervical mucus is super important and absolutely natural. So, if your discharge doesn't smell or look strange, you have every reason to celebrate it.

Absolutely! It is not recommended to use panty liners every day. If the panty liners are not changed every 3-5 hours, they can quickly create an environment for bacteria & viruses near the vulva. This does not happen with breathable discharge underwear!

The pH value of your vagina is normally between 3.8 and 4.4 and uses good bacteria to ensure that it maintains its optimal acidity. When the acidic discharge hits our clothes, it can bleach them.

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Ausgebleichte Stellen in deiner Unterwäsche? Jetzt Rabatt erhalten!

Der saure pH-Wert deiner Vulva schützt deine Vulva vor Bakterien. Dein Ausfluss sagt dir, wie gesund du bist – manchmal verfärbt er allerdings auch deine Pantys.

Du möchtest deine verfärbte Unterwäsche gegen eine Daysics® eintauschen? So geht's:

  • Schick uns ein Foto deiner ausgebleichten Unterwäsche an
  • Erhalte einen 15% Rabattcode für deine neuen Daysics®

Feuchter Schritt? say no more!


Discharge underwear is underwear with a slightly absorbent insert and is intended to prevent the feeling of a wet crotch in everyday life due to natural discharge. They work similarly to period underwear with an absorbent and breathable insert in the crotch area.

For every day

Invisible Look

The Daysics® have an extra short and thin insert – for an invisible look every day. The first layer has a honeycomb structure, through which the liquid is absorbed within seconds. The second layer is responsible for storing and drying the liquid. As a third layer, they have an integrated leak protection, which blocks the liquid and, unlike conventional panty liners, allows air to circulate. The fourth layer, made of organic cotton, offers you maximum comfort.

Bye Bye Wet-Feeling

For Daily Leakage

Discharge underwear is not only perfectly suitable as an alternative to panty liners in everyday life, it is specifically designed for this purpose. So embrace your discharge and give it a try!