Periode trotz Stillen - Wann du dir (keine) Sorgen machen solltest

Period despite breastfeeding - when you should (not) worry

Oh god, I'm bleeding again?! Then wean off quickly! Nooo, stop! We bust the myth that it's bad to breastfeed when your period comes back after giving birth and explain exactly what you're dealing with.
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Let's be honest: Pregnancy and breastfeeding definitely have a nice effect after the birth. Because you don't have to worry about the menstrual period.

As soon as the weekly flow has said goodbye, in most cases it means: period? No report ...
Well, a few weeks (or even months) can go by so relaxed...

without having to waste a weary thought on our menstruation. But what if you get your period despite breastfeeding?

Keep calm - We'll enlighten you and tell you what it's all about.


After pregnancy, your period may come back earlier than expected.

The bleeding immediately after delivery is not the period but the weekly flow.

Hormones can (as always) be the cause.

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Table of contents

1. What is weekly flow?

The weekly discharge , also known as lochia, is a natural discharge from the vagina after child birth.

During pregnancy, the lining of the uterus forms to protect and nourish the fertilized egg. After birth, this mucous membrane is no longer needed and slowly detaches. The weekly flow consists of this dead tissue and blood that comes from the wounds of the placenta .
The weekly flow begins shortly after birth and usually lasts about four to six weeks. During this time, the amount, color and consistency of the weekly flow may vary. In the first few days it is often very heavy and bloody, similar to a heavy menstrual period.

However, over time, the discharge usually becomes less and lighter in color, eventually stopping.
It's important to maintain good hygiene during the pudding period, as the body is more susceptible to infection during this time. It is also wise to refrain from sexual activity until the postnatal flow has completely stopped to minimize the risk of infection.
Overall, postpartum flow is a normal and natural part of the postpartum healing process .

2. Why don't you menstruate immediately after giving birth?

Overall, the duration of the absence of menstruation after childbirth is very individual and varies from person to person.

Some menstruate just a few weeks after birth, while for others it can take several months or even a year. However, it is normal for the body to take some time to get back to its normal hormonal balance and menstrual cycle after pregnancy and childbirth.

3. First period after childbirth

The first period after childbirth usually starts about five to six weeks after delivery.

Good to know: That doesn't mean that you don't bleed at all right after the birth. No, no... Rather, in the first few weeks you will have the so-called weekly flow . Even if it is very bloody (especially at the beginning), it is NOT your period.
Once this part is over , it depends on one factor in particular whether your menstruation will start immediately or not: breastfeeding .
Depending on how intensively you breastfeed, your period may not start until a few weeks or months after the birth. Why is that? Hormones baby and more hormones. How else should it be? In this case, the milk-forming hormone prolactin inhibits egg cell maturation and prevents ovulation. Period? puff cake …

4th period despite breastfeeding?

But what if the period starts DESPITE breastfeeding? Here we are again at the intensity of breastfeeding . As soon as you stop breastfeeding "full-time" (about four times a day), egg cells can mature again in your ovaries.

This in turn also means: period – here we come!
In some cases it can happen that the milk supply is reduced by the onset of the period. After a few days, however, your milk intake should have settled down again. And no, just because your period has started again doesn't mean you have to stop breastfeeding . Your milk still has the same super effect on your baby as before.

A notice! A notice! A notice! The fact that periods can come despite breastfeeding also debunks the persistent myth that you can't get pregnant while breastfeeding. Not true!

Did you know : Discharge is also responsible for the light spots in your underwear. You can find out what this is all about here .