Welche Tampongröße passt zu mir?

Which tampon size is right for me?

With the various sizes on the market, the question often arises - which tampons are the right ones for me? But only buy one size and use it for every cycle?! Nah... it doesn't work that way.
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Size does matter! At least with the tampon sizes. After all, every menstruating person needs different sizes depending on the duration, length and strength of the period. The sizes of conventional tampons are known – but which size is the right one for the much sought-after organic tampons? We give you an overview!


If it pinches and is uncomfortable to wear - you have probably chosen the wrong tampon size.

The size you need depends on various factors.

Depending on the cycle, what works well for you can vary, even if you think you know your size.

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Table of contents

1. Tampon size according to vagina size

First of all, you should know that the tampon size does not depend on the size of your vagina .

The tampons differ on the one hand in their size and on the other hand in their absorbency, i.e. how much blood the tampon can absorb. That means you choose the tampon size(s) according to your menstrual flow .

2. Do organic tampons suck like conventional ones?

Yes! Because EDANA, the European Disposables And Nonwovens Association, ensures comparability. She is like the mom of all tampon manufacturers and makes sure that tampons have to be identified with the well-known drop system.
The drops show you how many grams of blood are absorbed by your bio-tampon.

3. Pad size table

Our organic tampons in different sizes have the following absorption capacity in grams:

Tampon size Mini 💧💧 6-9 g ~ 4.5 cm Ø 1.1 cm

Tampon size normal 💧💧💧 9-12 g ~ 4.6 cm Ø 1.4 cm

Tampon size Super 💧💧💧💧 12-15 g ~ 4.9 cm Ø 1.5 cm

Tampon size Super Plus 💧💧💧💧💧 13-18 g ~ 5.1 cm Ø 1.7 cm

The gram counts are based on internationally harmonized testing methods and brands you know use the same system for the absorbency of their tampons. Our organic tampons suck just as much menstrual blood as you are used to from your known tampon sizes.
Our straight grooves ensure that the tampon soaks evenly with blood. You are optimally protected! The smooth surface helps you gently insert your tampon.
Our organic cotton tampons are of course certified!

4. How do I know I'm using the right size?

The period is usually the heaviest at the beginning and you should use a tampon with high absorbency, i.e. a large number of drops. In this phase, you change the tampon about every 3-6 hours . If your tampon fills up faster and you have to change it earlier, a larger tampon makes sense.
Your period should not restrict you in everyday life . A high wearing comfort is important and we don't want you to be reminded of your period every hour. You should feel safe and comfortable for a longer period of time and that is only possible if you don't have to constantly change your tampon.

Bleeding tends to slow down towards the end of the period .

Then it is enough if you only change the tampon every 4-6 hours . However, you should not leave it in your body for longer, as this can lead to an odor or even, in rare cases, to infections.
If you're changing the tampon and it's only absorbed a little blood, you know you can either lengthen the change cycle or use a tampon with less absorbency (fewer drips). If the tampon is not saturated enough, it will be more difficult to remove. A smaller pad size is therefore recommended. However, the strength of the rule varies from woman to woman. So test for yourself which size is best and most comfortable for you in which phase. The larger the tampon, the greater the absorbency. When it comes to tampons, size really does matter.

5. How many tampons do I need?

Did you know : Discharge is also responsible for the light spots in your underwear. You can find out what this is all about here .

Every menstruator's cycle is very similar - but most people's periods vary in length depending on the day.

We asked ourselves: why is there only one size per pack available in stores?

The answer is simple: because tampon manufacturers make more money if we buy multiple packs. Caught!
However, tampon manufacturers did their calculation without the woman, because our surveys with 200 customers showed: Over 60% of women only buy one large size for every day to save on the second pack.*
Nevertheless, this is not only harmful to health - it also produces more waste for our environment.
With us you can put together the sizes so that they fit your cycle.* Admittedly, there were an above-average number of Swabians in the sample.

We also asked our customers how many tampons they think they need per period. The results: very exciting!

Because many could not correctly estimate their consumption. From 4 to 35 tampons everything was there.

So which subscription suits you depends on the duration of your menstrual period x the strength of your menstrual period.
Example: A person's cycle looks like this:

You have a long period (6-7 days) with normal bleeding. Choose small tampons like our Tampons Mini.

You have a short period (3-5 days) with extremely heavy menstrual bleeding. Choose big tampons like our Super Tampons.

6. Tampons in the size configurator

Did you know : Wet panties before your period are not uncommon! Many women are affected. You can find out what is normal and when you have to go to the gynhere .

In our configurator you can put together your own sizes. If the right size for you is not included, just send us an email.

Is my vagina too small/big for tampons?

No! If a tampon feels uncomfortable, it has to do with how wet your vagina is and the amount of blood you're losing. The vagina is not too small or too big for a tampon.

What tampon sizes are there?

Tampon size Mini 💧💧 6-9 g ~ 4.5 cm Ø 1.1 cm Tampon size normal 💧💧💧 9-12 g ~ 4.6 cm Ø 1.4 cm Tampon size Super 💧💧💧💧 12-15 g ~ 4.9 cm Ø 1.5 cm Tampon size Super Plus 💧💧💧💧💧 13-18 g ~ 5.1 cm Ø 1.7 cm

What size do I need?

This is related to your bleeding, read section 4 - there we explain how you can decide which tampon size is right for you.

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