Schmerzen beim Tampon einführen?!

Inserting a tampon hurts?!

Inserting tampons hurts you? It definitely shouldn't, something is wrong here. Tampons that are too big, the wrong angle, or even vaginismus? We explain it to you.

It stings and pinches - the tampon doesn't really go in and may even cause pain.

Whether you are a tampon beginner or not, you are definitely not alone with this problem.

If you experience pain when inserting a tampon , there can be several reasons.


In most cases, pain during insertion has an easily solvable reason.

When you first use a tampon, it usually always feels wrong at first.

If the pain is really unbearable, go to the gyn and get advice there.

Don't feel like introducing anything? Use period panties!

Our menstrual underwear as a sustainable alternative to tampons, pads and panty liners .

Table of contents

1. Does it hurt to insert a tampon?

Tampon pain?

Basically, using a tampon should not cause any pain.

Never ever.

In the best case, the tampon really slips in. Positioned in the right place, you don't even notice it when you're wearing it .

2. Wrong pad size selected?

The tampon size is like Tinder: Even if the dimensions are often given, it is far from a match! That's why it's time to try it out!

Tampon Mini: In the smallest case, you have regular toilet dates and frequent changes.

Tampon Super: If it's a size too big for you, things can get more complicated...Ok, no more ambiguity... The pain of inserting a tampon can really come from using the wrong size tampon.

Because when things are really going well, normal or super might be appropriate, but at the beginning and end of the period you should perhaps switch to a smaller tampon size.

Because as the amount of bleeding varies, you should also use different sized tampons .

Did you know: In our online shop you can put together your tampon box in an individual mix of sizes (and change it at any time). For example, you can buy 1/3 mini beginning and end tampons and 2/3 regular tampons.

3. Inserting a tampon made easy

Perhaps your introductory technique is not yet fully developed and you lack a certain tact.

Here you can find out what you should definitely consider when using a tampon for the first time.

Here is a short tampon guide again

  1. Choose the smallest size tampon possible for your blood flow
  2. Remove your compostable (or old school: plastic) wrap
  3. Unfold the return strap
  4. Find a comfortable and relaxed position
  5. Hold the tampon between your thumb, middle and index finger
  6. Open the labia with your thumb and middle finger
  7. RELAXED!! Let. ommm
  8. Control the tampon with your index finger and move it in the direction of the middle of the body until the index finger is covered
  9. Enjoy the freedom and the healthy feeling of our organic tampons!

You have followed the tampon instructions to the letter and thus demonstrated real skills. But despite precise aiming and changing position, you feel pain when inserting , this could be the reason:

4. Changed tampons too often?

No panic on the tampon front - you don't have to change your tampon every hour. Depending on the strength of your menstrual period, you can wear it for six hours . However, longer is not recommended, as this increases the risk of TSS .

At the beginning of your period, when your bleeding is heavier, you can change it earlier. Just pull carefully on the return strap.
If the tampon moves with the slightest tug, it's time to say goodbye. If not, you may have to get along for a while.

If the tampon isn't fully saturated, it won't glide as well . This can lead to discomfort or pain.

So trust your organic tampon because it absorbs thoroughly.

5. Your vagina just says no - vaginismus

you tried everything Your tampon just won't go in and trying causes a lot of pain? Then you should consider visiting your doctor.

A possible cause of this could be vaginismus .

If you suffer from vaginismus , your vaginal and pelvic muscles involuntarily contract . This can make inserting a finger or even a tampon painful or even impossible. But don't worry, the spasmodic vaginal reaction can be treated with targeted therapy .

Tampon alternative for vaginismus: If it really is the case with you - no worries. Instead of tampons, you can just use pads or panty liners. Pay attention to organic cotton as much as possible.

6. Not in the mood for insertion? Period panties!

Period panties are, as the name suggests, primarily panties for the period - i.e. underpants, panties, hipsters, whatever flows your boat - for when you have your period. Period underwear has been designed to be worn during the menstrual period in order to convince as a clean, sustainable but above all more comfortable alternative to loose pads, tampons and other period products.

Did you know : The absorbent layer in our menstrual underwear, developed by experts, has 4 layers with optimal absorbency while remaining breathable. learn more .

Is insertion pain normal?

You shouldn't feel any pain when inserting the tampon. If so, you may have chosen the wrong tampon size, are not hydrated enough, or have another problem.

How do you insert a tampon?

Check out Chapter 3 for detailed instructions!

No matter what, you can't get the tampon in?

Vaginismus means involuntary muscle contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, particularly the muscles around the vagina. These muscle contractions can cause the vaginal opening to become tight and uncomfortable or even painful. It may be difficult or impossible to have sex, insert tampons, or have a pelvic exam. Check it out with your gyn!