Good Flow?

Period underwear

Extremely absorbent and only 1mm thicker than normal underwear.

Periodenunterwäsche für Teenager

Period underwear for teenagers

Be prepared: The average age for the first period is currently around 12 - 13 years (although it can be earlier or later). It doesn't matter when: girls can wear period underwear even before the fi...
Warum Pantys von The Female Company die besseren sind

Why The Female Company panties are the best

With so much choice and so many brands, you tend to make impulse decisions. Read here why period panties are not just period panties and why you are making a good choice with us ..
Welche Period Panty ist die richtige für mich?

Which period panty is right for me?

Hipster, high waist, absorbency ... as a newbie in the period panty game, it's easy to get confused with all the options. Find out now which panty is right for you.
Periodenunterwäsche bei starker Blutung: Heavybleeder*innen aufgepasst!

Period underwear for heavy bleeding: Attention heavy bleeders!

Are you one of those who have such heavy bleeding that you are afraid of leaking even if you change it regularly? So you think period panties are out of the question for you? Fallacy - read on here.
How to: Periodenunterwäsche pflegen

How to: care for period underwear

As a sustainable alternative to conventional period products, period panties are the shit! You can find out how many you need, how to wear and care for them properly here.
Periodenunterwäsche nutzen: Erste Periode

Using period underwear: First period

The first period can be something that subconsciously triggers stress. How will it feel, how much will I bleed, what products can I use? All of this is summarized in this article.
Periodenunterwäsche nutzen: Nach dem Entbinden

Use period underwear: After giving birth

We at The Female Company have created a MammaBox - the survival kit for your postpartum period. So the MammaBox can get you through the confinement wonderfully. But can you actually use period unde...
Kann ich durch Periodenunterwäsche langfristig Geld sparen?

Can I save money by wearing period underwear?

Menstrual products are expensive and have long served one purpose only - absorbing blood. Despite the trend away from disposable items, many are reluctant to purchase the more expensive alternative...
Was ist Periodenunterwäsche?

What is period underwear?

What is this period underwear that has been hyped on social media for some time? Brilliant innovation or marketing gag - find out everything about period panties here!