We're letting our pants down

What's in our products

We're letting our pants down

What's in our products

We're letting our pants down

2017 verliert ein U.S.-amerikanisches Model beide Beine wegen eines Tampons. In jedem ÖKO-TEST der letzten Jahrzehnte gab es mindestens eine Tamponmarke, die Rückstände oder halogenorganische Verbindungen enthielt. Und dennoch besteht keine Deklarationspflicht für Periodenprodukte?!

Grown without chemicals & pesticides: Certified Organic Cotton

Our organic cotton is grown without chemicals and pesticides, we have it certified. Additionally, we are always searching for new innovative materials. For instance, we have already used Tencel Modal in our period panties, which is a renewable and water-saving resource that is biodegradable.

This is what the gynecologist is saying

"As a doctor I recommend tampons made of organic cotton to my patients with sensitive skin. The tampons are hypoallergenic and, thus, prevent skin irritation and allergic reactions."

Elena Leineweber @doktor_ela Doctor of gynecology and obstetrics at Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg

Clinically & dermatologically tested

Every production goes through a complex testing procedure – in manufacturing as well as in development. This does not only include quality- and absorbency tests, we also commission external laboratory tests (with DAkkS accredited laboratories) on a regular basis. Our materials are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified, this means they are tested for harmful substances. All to make sure that your vulva only gets in contact with safe materials.

49 Milliarden Periodenprodukte werden in der EU schätzungsweise jedes Jahr weggeworfen. Hol dir jetzt unsere Alternativen aus Bio-Baumwolle.


Our production

We want to know exactly what gets in contact with our vulva. This is why we only work with certified productions for our period products. Our production sites for period panties, panty liners, puerperal bandages and tampons are GOTS certified which means that the whole textile supply chain underlies an independent and transparent certifying process.

The same applies to our organic cotton which is certified and, thus, free of pesticides and genetic engineering as well. At the end of 2022 we managed to shift our period panty briefs and high waist black to 75% biodegradable materials. An important prerequisite for this was the development of a production partnership outside of EU as research and the technical possibilities are more progressive in Asia.

With our innovative production partner we were able to develop the first biodegradable, free of biocides and absorbent absorbency layer. Our goal for the end of 2023: produce the first recyclable period panty. Materials that are not recyclable, yet, we want to shift to recyclable materials by the end of 2023.