How to: Periodenunterwäsche pflegen

How to: care for period underwear

As a sustainable alternative to conventional period products, period panties are the shit! You can find out how many you need, how to wear and care for them properly here.

There are now numerous top alternatives to the mountain of rubbish that menstruation produces: These include, for example, tampons made of organic cotton with compostable film and without harmful bleaching agents, washable pads made of fabric or menstrual cups. BUT that's not all, because period panties are the non plus ultra of sustainable alternatives! In this article, we tell you how often you should change your period underwear and how to look after it properly.


There are numerous sustainable alternatives to conventional menstrual products.

Period underwear is the most comfortable solution for your sustainable period.

With the right care , your panties will last you for a long time.

Now new: Discharge can also be a lasting issue.

Our Daysics® underwear for discharge as a sustainable alternative to panty liners .

Table of contents

1. How often do I have to change my period underwear?

Depending on how heavy your period is and whether you combine the panty with other products (e.g. organic tampons or the cup), you may have to change it more often/less often. The best thing to do is to check how absorbent your period underwear is every time you go to the toilet. Feel it with your finger or do a moisture check with toilet paper .

2. How many panties do I need?

How often you need to change your period underwear depends on how heavy your flow is and whether you combine it with other products. It's best to check from time to time how absorbent the absorbent layer is.
Our customers who bleed normally to moderately heavily change their panties on average 4 to 5 times per period . Depending on how regularly your period comes, you can of course wear period panties as security before the bleeding starts. Or invest in an Extra Strong for the first few days of your period. Maybe try it with a pair of panties and then make sure you put together your perfect panty ensemble .

3. Wash period underwear

In principle, you can wash your period underwear at 40 degrees along with the rest of your clothing. Our new panties are biocide-free and can even be washed at 60 degrees . However, so that your panties can protect you for as long as possible, you should wash them on a gentle cycle and/or in a laundry net .

Very important: You should first rinse the period underwear by hand with cold water (pro tip against blood stains!). After that, you can either air dry them or throw them straight into the machine.

No Go's: Fabric softener and bleach, as well as the use of dryers and irons!

4. Attention period underwear lovers

Did you know : Wet panties before your period are not uncommon! Many women are affected. You can find out what is normal and when you have to go to the gynhere .

Something ingenious like period underwear is now also available for the rest of the month when we don't menstruate -

To protect your hot panties (whether yellow, greenish, white or brown discharge) or just to feel safe - organic panty liners are the thing! Every day. Is that healthy? No! It is not recommended to use panty liners every day. If panty liners are not changed every 3-5 hours then you can quickly create an environment for bacteria & viruses. This does not happen with breathable discharge underwear! Daysics® , with their slightly absorbent insert, are designed to prevent the feeling of wet steps caused by natural discharge in everyday life. Your Daysics® have an extra short and thin insert - for an invisible look - and, unlike conventional panty liners, do not affect breathability. Try it!

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