Eine Hand hält eine Menstruationstasse

Swimming with a menstrual cup

Summer is here, time for the lake and the sea and the outdoor pool. You're menstruating, you prefer to use your cup and you're now asking yourself - Can something happen while swimming? We answer all your questions.
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Many of our sustainable bathing beauties have asked what swimming with a menstrual cup looks like. Can you (literally) dive into the Red Sea without it pinching, hurting or even slipping? We have researched for you!

First things first: Raise your cups Swimming with a menstrual cup is no problem at all - as long as you pay attention to a couple of things.


You can go swimming with a menstrual cup without worry .

For your safety, we still have a few tips that you can pay attention to .

In order for you to be able to swim without hesitation, your menstrual cup must fit properly .

Table of contents

1. The right size

What cup does your pelvic floor need?

The correct size of your menstrual cup depends on a number of factors , including your anatomy, age, birth and pregnancy history, and individual preferences.

There are usually two main sizes: a smaller one for women who have never given birth vaginally, and a larger one for women who have given birth vaginally or have a heavier flow rate.

Here are some guidelines that might help you choose the right size menstrual cup:

  1. Small size

    If you are younger or have never given birth vaginally.
    If you have a lighter flow rate during your period.
    If you have a smaller anatomical size in the vaginal area.

  2. Big size

    If you gave birth vaginally or had multiple births.
    When you have a heavier flow rate during your period.
    If you have a larger anatomical size in the vaginal area.

It's important to note that choosing the right size is often an individual experience. You could use manufacturer information and sizing charts as a guide, but it's also helpful to consider the opinions of women who already use menstrual cups. Some manufacturers also offer cups specially designed for women with sensitive bladders or other anatomical conditions.

If you are unsure of which size to choose, you could speak to your gynecologist. It can also be useful to try one size smaller and one larger to find out which one is most comfortable and effective for you.

2. The right fit

In order for the floating cup to work, not only the size has to be right, but also the fit. Therefore, when inserting the menstrual cup, always make sure that it unfolds completely . Only then does the silicone close completely with your vagina and nothing runs out or in. You can find out more about using the menstrual cup correctly here .

3. Conclusion

We think menstrual cups are particularly good for swimming . It is important that you find the right menstrual cup for you and your body and that you practice inserting it beforehand. Because once you have found the right menstrual cup for you, it is ideal for swimming! The menstrual cups from The Female Company are not only great for swimming, they are also fair and made from 100% medical-grade silicone! We've eliminated all chemicals, plasticizers, latex, proteins, bleach, phthalates, alkylphenols, PVC and BPA!

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