Realtalk: Kann ein Tampon Jungfernhäutchen einreißen?

Realtalk: Can a tampon tear the hymen?

A myth that persists is that you can't use tampons until you've had penetrative sex - the hymen gets in the way! Humbug! Read here why the so-called hymen can say absolutely nothing about your sexual experiences.

We don't beat around the bush. We state clearly what is going on and don't mince words. Now that we've clarified that, let's tackle a topic that generally doesn't get enough attention: Can I damage my hymen with a tampon? Good question. We also get to the bottom of the myth of the "hymen" - maybe the hymen doesn't even exist? We bundled our period skills and found answers. Exactly here.


A tampon cannot tear your hymen .

If you feel resistance, it often helps to change direction a little. The vagina is not straight, but slightly curved upwards .

So you can use tampons without hesitation before you have sex for the first time.

Table of contents

1. Can the hymen tear from the tampon?

The good news straight away: No, a tampon usually can't cause major damage to your hymen or cause it to tear.

The opening in the hymen is elastic enough to allow the insertion of a tampon (or a finger) without injury - it only stretches. Sure, exceptions prove the rule. Under certain circumstances (!) it can happen that your hymen tears unnoticed. But it doesn't have to be, and it's extremely rare.

The term "hymen" also suggests that it must be a layer of skin that only virgins have. Moooop!!! Not true.

2. Does the hymen even exist?

In fact, the hymen is not skin, but rather a kind of lining of mucous membrane, which is located at the entrance of your vagina. The word "cuticle" is just totally misleading in this case. Wreath, wreath or vaginal corona (as it is called in Sweden) fit much better.

At the same time, the vaginal wreath does not only exist in virgins . On the contrary!

The hymen tells you in no time at all about a person's virginity. Because the mucosal hem is sometimes so stretchy in some women that it does not tear during sex. It can also be injured in virgins without penetration.

3. Tampon does not go in!

Your tampon won't go in - no resistance? First of all, you should relax and take a deep breath. Just don't get stressed. It is important that you do not cramp when inserting the tampon.

Because we always get questions about it, we'll explain to you here exactly how you can use a tampon for the first time and insert it well.

Important: Inserting a tampon should never be painful. If you feel resistance down there when pushing in the cotton ball or whatever, the hymen is not always the culprit. When inserting a tampon or during sex, there is often much more cramped vaginal and/or pelvic floor muscles.

If you feel resistance, it often helps to change direction a little. The vagina is not straight, but slightly curved upwards .
Wusa! Are you totally relaxed and super relaxed, but the tampon just doesn't want to go in? Damned. But don't panic, it can happen. If insertion hurts terribly, then it's better not to do it and ask your doctor for advice. It can happen that your hymen is so tight that a tampon simply won't fit through.

Insider Tip: If you want to use tampons for your period, start with a small size. Although you have to change the mini tampon more often, it makes inserting it much easier!

We have created an overview of tampon sizes for you. A tampon sits properly in the vagina if you absolutely cannot feel it.

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So the myth that a tampon can cause your hymen to tear is false.

You can use a tampon with your first menstrual period without worrying about damaging your hymen.

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