Lust auf Sex während der Menstruation?

Want to have sex during menstruation?

Our hormones play a crucial role when it comes to desire. And during the cycle, there are various of them that make us how horny we are. You don't have sex during your period? Hmmm, it could be good..
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The libido, i.e. your desire for sex, is actually dependent on the cycle. So being extra horny on fertile days makes perfect evolutionary sense. But how exactly does that work?


Estrogen increases libido.

Progesterone is considered a libido inhibitor.

Having sex on your period can lead to faster orgasms .

Strong days? Don't bloody worry!

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Table of contents

1. The first half of the cycle

Our sexuality goes hand in hand with our hormones. Therefore, our feeling of pleasure changes during the cycle. Many women feel more like a sexy time during menstruation. But why? The hormones that accompany us through the first half of the cycle are estrogens.

In this first half of the cycle, which lasts about 14 days, the uterine lining is built up, in which the fertilized egg is later to implant. Estrogens help here, and a well-known side effect of the hormone - estrogens increase libido. More desire for sex!

Did you know : Wet panties before your period don't necessarily have anything to do with lust! Many women are affected. You can find out what this is all abouthere .

2. The second half of the cycle

Estrogen initially accompanies our first half of the cycle, but leaves us in the second phase of the cycle .

The second phase is the preparation of the uterine lining for implantation of a fertilized egg. There is also a helper hormone here - progesterone . Also called pregnancy hormone.

Where progesterone comes into play, estrogen levels drop. Progesterones act as libido inhibitors. Means for us - Less desire for sex!

3. During ovulation

Anyone who has read along well and paid attention will have guessed it. Estrogen increases desire, progesterone is considered an inhibitor , where one hormone replaces the other there is a loud bang. Ne nonsense, but the middle of the cycle is still considered a special highlight. The Climax of Sexual Desire .

Middle of the cycle means..? That's right, you experts - ovulation . Estrogen levels are particularly high around the time of ovulation. So it's completely logical that we feel more pleasure. Quite apart from the evolutionary sense that is fulfilled here - because the egg wants to be fertilized.. more desire for sex is not only dependent on biology and hormones, but also a question of the psyche.

You don't usually get pregnant while you're menstruating . (Caution: It is still possible, so contraception should not be taken lightly or even forgotten) Because of this increased security, some people feel particularly free during sex during their period and can enjoy it better, or let their lust run free.

4. Sex while on your period

Isn't sex on your period unhealthy? No, not at all. First of all it is important to say - It is and remains your decision what you do with your body and if and when you want to have sex - Period!

But in fact, sex during your period is not only medically safe, it also offers a number of advantages. Good news, for all of you who have a lot of desire during your period - During menstruation, the vagina is very well supplied with blood, who would have thought it. And good blood flow means it's easier to have an orgasm. That's good for you in the first place, of course, but if we take it a step further, there's potential in an orgasm... The relaxing effects of an orgasm can help relieve period pain.

This doesn't always work and doesn't work for everyone, but if you feel like it then why not try it..

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