vaginal discharge

Bleached spots in your panties?

Let's talk about something that's perfectly normal but still a taboo subject in our society: vaginal discharge and how it can change the color of our panties.

Let's talk about something that's perfectly normal but still a taboo subject in our society: vaginal discharge and how it can change the color of our panties.

1. Discharge in cycle phases

First of all, it's important to understand that vaginal discharge is a completely normal and important part of being a woman. Every woman knows the odorless, milky-white secretion (white flow) that flows out of the vagina every day. This discharge (called fluor vaginalis or fluor genitalis) first appears a few years before puberty and accompanies women until menopause. Depending on which cycle phase a woman is in, the consistency and quantity of the discharge changes. For example, many women notice when they are ovulating from increased, almost liquid discharge caused by the female hormone estrogen. Shortly before and after menstruation, the fluor vaginalis is somewhat more viscous.

2. This is why discharge is important

The discharge from the vagina has a purpose: it frees the uterus and vagina from excess mucus and shed cells. At the same time, the Fluor vaginalis contains many lactic acid bacteria, which create a slightly acidic vaginal environment and thus ward off invaders such as fungi, viruses and bacteria. The discharge also prevents sperm from entering the uterus when it is not cyclically prepared for pregnancy.

3. Discharge in pregnancy

If heavy discharge occurs during pregnancy, many women are unsettled. However, there is usually no reason for this, because increased discharge in pregnant women is normal. This is the same discharge that non-pregnant women experience every day: white discharge. The amount and consistency of discharge can vary depending on the phase of your menstrual cycle, but it's usually clear or white and has a mild, not overly unpleasant odor.

4. Your vagina is acidic

And now it gets interesting. Your discharge can bleach your underwear! How it works? Everything revolves around the pH value on a scale from 0 to 14. 7 is the golden mean here, everything below is acidic and everything above is called basic/alkaline. Our vagina prefers to be sour! Their pH is usually between 3.8 and 4.4 and, with good bacteria, ensures that the optimal acidity of the vagina is maintained. When acidic discharge hits our clothes, it can bleach them and is a sign of our discharge super-cleaning power! Light spots in the underpants are not only not bad, but good! This means that your vagina and its protection are working perfectly.

5. How to prevent stains

The easiest way to protect your underwear is with panty liners. This catches the cervical mucus and does not come into contact with the underpants. If you're worried about your most beautiful piece. However, panty liners are not the most eco-friendly and breathable choice. That's where leakage underwear comes in. Panties specially designed to absorb your daily discharge and protect you from uncomfortable moisture in panties. Together with our customers, we have developed underwear that is extra soft and dries quickly: Daysics® . They are as absorbent as 2 panty liners, without feeling wet or cold and made of extra soft organic cotton. So let it go and next time maybe be a little less angry when you get bleached underpants out of the laundry - your PH value will thank you!

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